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[rohrpost] acht alt x e books

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Eugene Thacker (ed), HARD_CODE
"HARD_CODE is an anthology of experimental
electronic prose which asks the question: What
kinds of stories are told by data?"

Mark Amerika, How To Be An Internet Artist 
"This eclectic mix of pseudo-autobiographical fictions
explores many of the themes generated in
Amerika's internationally-exhibited net art, including
hypertextual consciousness, cyborg-narrators,
reality hacking, and creating on-the-fly stories via an
ongoing practice of surf-sample-manipulate."

Ronald Sukenick, COWS
"COWS, whose style includes the detective story,
the western, sci-fi, porn, and other elements of
genre fiction, investigates the dark and dirty side of
American culture taking off from the JonBenet
murder case in Boulder, Colorado."

Adrienne Eisen, Making Scenes 
"Making Scenes is the debut novel of hypertext star
Adrienne Eisen."

Alan Sondheim, .echo
"Alan Sondheim's new ebook, .echo, takes you on a
fascinating journey with Nikuko Meat-Girl into the
language of avatars, transliterate lovemaking and
virtual subjectivity."

Nile Southern, The Anarchivists of Eco-Dub
"ECO-DUB is a real and evolving cultural repository
of image, sound and text--driven by a fictional cast
of characters looking for answers in a society that
commercial media left behind."

Raymond Federman and George Chambers,
The Twilight of the Bums
"In The Twilight of the Bums Raymond Federman
and George Chambers re-map the territory of
laughterature, a term Federman had coined to name
his own style of writing."

Mark Amerika, Matt Samet and Clint Ruhlman (eds),
Neuromantic Fiction: The Black Ice Anthology
"This special collection of Black Ice fiction features
the work of Richard Grossman, Wiley Wiggins,
Matthew Fuller, Diana George, Lidia Yuknavitch,
Erik Belgum, Don Webb, Jacques Servin, Doug
Rice, Gashgirl, D.N. Stuefloten, Ann Bogle, Jeffrey
DeShell, Matt Samet, Michelle Albert and many others."





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