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[rohrpost] A Virtual Memorial - Newsletter 07-2001

A Newsletter
*Edition A Virtual Memorial 07-2001* Part 1
A Virtual Memorial
Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity

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Table of Contents:
The Editor's Note
Compressed Affair
participated in SnowBlossom House
at Sonar Festival Barcelona
14 - 16 June 2001

The Freedom of Art
participated in
Azione Parallela Bunker "Interventi"
of Caterina Davinio
at Venice Bienale on 7 June 2001.

The Editor's Note

Dear friends,

The subject of the months July /August is entitled:
*Identity - between dogma and experiment*

Selected Memorial Days in July

    11 July 2001          World Population Day
    20 July 1944          Would-be assassination of Graf Stauffenberg
                                  against Hitler
    21 July 1964          Neil Armstrong entered as
                                  the first human individual the moon

The Features of the Month are monthly changing
collections of multimedia works and links which form in the
totality of the composition an artwork of theirown
to be created on a webpage of theirown
within the Memorial project.

Roots 1  Graffiti: Field of Identity
Roots 2  Gender Identity
Roots 3  Subjective Identity
Roots 4  Objective Identity
Roots 5  Loss of Identity
Roots 6  Identity of Art
Roots 7  Multiple Identity

About subject:
"During the summer months July and August,
the "Subject of the Month " is entitled:
"Identity - between dogma and experiment".

Identity belongs unseparable to the human existance.
Identity determines how the individual  sees itself
and on the other hand, how others perceive the individual.
Each individual is born into a certain environment
which creates further characteristics for identification:
belonging to a certain culture, its language, history,
religion, characteristics an individual identifies itself or
other identify him with.
Further, certain features of the human body and character,
behaviour or patterns of behaviour have some influence on
how people perceive each other .

In the sense of a state administration,
a stateless person has no identity and
will not accept him as citizen. An unemployed person
has lost parts of his identity, because he is excluded from areas,
which determined once his life and survival.
The Alzheim patient looses his identity because
he looses characteristics serving for identification
against himself and others. One speeks of a identity crisis
in case somebody is not able to adjust himself
to changed internal and external situations,
in case the raster of identification changed and
previous catagorization does not work any longer.
An artist gives himself a new identity by choosing
an artist's name which gives his identity new characteristics.
"Corporate identity" means, a company creates its image
through certain characteristics, for example, a logo,
a certain kind of advertising or marketing, a customer
identifies products of the company with. ...etc

The main project within the "Features" is entitled:
"Graffiti - Fields of Identity ". The actual global cultural
and controversy phenomenon "graffiti" , featured in this project,
shows that three characteristics mark graffiti in general:
communication, identity and submission of an individual
to a higher purpose, i.e. acting anonymously  within a community.
As a phenomenon, "graffiti" has its roots
in the early human civilizations. Its meaning and
form of expression changed from a tribe specific,
cultic or secret society related one ( also propaganda paroles
and anonymous spray actions belong to that)
to a rather domesticated form which can be found
in contemporary art as well as in the Hip Hop Culture of the youth,
and  further to complete commercialisation of
graffiti which is bereft of any content.

Gender identity: Transsexual people suffer from
that the internal and external identity does not correspond
to eachother.
The example "Hans" shows, that he/she found the real identity after a sex
For many gays is it still not "normal" yet to confess themselves to their
identity as homosexuals in public. The Christopher Street Day, celebrated in
many metropoles of the world, reminds of the fight for sexual equality:
Example: Christopher Street Day Cologne 1998.

The search for female identity has also to do with sexual equality,
example: the Croatian performance artist Vlasta Delimar.
The search for female identity repesents
the main focus of her artistic work.

Having an identity means also the chance for  loosing identity.
Example: Children of victims of Holocaust searching
for their lost identity, and veterans of war,
who lost their identity because they cannot get rid of patterns
being a soldiers they have burned in.

Psychology names another phenomenon: the multiple identity.
People with a multiple identity identify themselves
through different internal personalities
acting with each other or independantly from each other.

Coming closer to a lot of areas of life, one will find
certainly a variety of other aspects of identity,
which complet the image of one's-own or the living  environment.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Editor in Chief

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