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Dear Friends of Chaos:

Now in its thirtieth year since departing from the psychiatric realms of
Jolly West and his bang-bang-your-career-is-dead colleagues at UCLA,
Berkeley and Harvard, I have devoted my basic-research firm to
discovering how the brain works.

It makes good sense only in a centralized state to place children and the
elderly on drugs recommended for mental disturbances defined by an
authority figure. It is equally rewarding to a centralized state when
industrial chemicals are defined as drugs therefore recreational and
health-enhancing when most intelligent people know that drugs are
palliatives and enzyme poisons given cheeky names.

By contrast, my firm has devoted its waking and sleeping life to basic
research into the worlds ahead beyond industrial chemicals with cheeky
names. We know that sanity depends on a working model for the human
brain. Where there are no algorithms for understanding and prediction, we
have mere tinkering with neural tissue, that is what Jolly West's
psychiatry does -- in his own words!

I am reminded of the greedy mechanic with a jar of water, a can of oil
and another filled with transmission fluid. Being ignorant, he poured the
transmission fluid in the radiator, the oil in the transmission, and the
water in the engine block.
When the car predictably sputtered and burned out, he blamed the
manufacturer, the assemblers and even the regulatory computers --
anything excerpt his own gross negligence.

Newport Neuroscience Center (NN Center) -- my research firm -- has been
collecting data for 30 years to determine what kind of machine is the
human brain. We have abjured participation in the tinkering that
psychiatry demands and by its actions imposes. Nor have we asked for any
sinecure from the pharmaceutical industry on which large institutions
require for their financial lifeblood to maintain facilities and to
compensate their academic personnel.

Fortunately after 30 years and several hundred thousand dollars, we at NN
Center  believe we have penetrated to the depths of regulatory neurology
producing what are called mental processes. We have described a primary
control system tracing back in evolution hundreds of millions of years.
Now it seem clear that the primary operation of mental processes is to
anticipate the future in all its myriad shapes. It is equally clear that
industrial brain chemicals disrupt these critical processes.

The time has come, I believe, to inform my brethren who were the 1960s
psychiatric emperors at UCLA, Harvard, Berkeley emperors that they look
old and naked now. We children see their bulges. They use the obsolete
vocabulary of mental illness, defective genes, and chemical imbalance
when they should be speaking about the mathematics of complexity, chaos
and fractals and modulation and catastrophe and oscillation. .

Where else than in a psychiatric fairy world are tens of millions to be
diagnosed as mentally ill having defective genes therefore chemical
imbalance requiring daily the ingestion of five potent industrial
chemicals with cheeky names? Does not this decision bring back to mind
the greedy mechanic pouring  willy-nilly fluids into the apertures under
the hood which in our fantasy world transforms into the human skull?

I am perfectly willing to drop from this list again if  members of
CHAOPSYC believe that to debate the premises of 2006 psychiatry is
stepping out of line. I read Jolly West's psychiatric papers published
between 1964 and 1968. They were fine for their times. But, now it is
forty years later. There is another world of people out there in 2006.
Before we drug new populations in the Orient and Middle East ought not we
be having a debate on the prevalence and mechanisms of mental illness and
what is the justification for massively prescribed drugs?

My purpose, simply, is the mathematically and biologically sound design
of drugs. One drug having known effects and absence of side effects
should be sufficient to treat any individual.

Gentlemen and Ladies, the glove has been thrown.



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