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[Nettime-ro] Cosmin Costinas/Rewriting Histories/Guangzhou Art Academy
Cosmin Costinas on Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:00:44 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Cosmin Costinas/Rewriting Histories/Guangzhou Art Academy

Rewriting Histories

--A brief visit of contemporary art in Eastern Europe

Lecturer: Cosmin Costinas


19:30 , 8th, August, 2006

101 room, Building G, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art,
Guangzhou University Town

The year 1989 marked a decisive turn in the history of
Europe and indeed of the
whole world, by the rapid turn of the regimes in the
Eastern part of the continent
to open market economies, governed by neoliberal
ideology, and the official funerals
of communism. In most of the Eastern European
countries, the ideologically
complex set of neo-avantgard or post-avantgard
artistic positions from the sixties
and the seventies, ranging from anticommunist
dissidence to utopian socialism were
projected to a spectrum of oblivion, by an
increasingly depoliticized art context.
In the current years, after an arguable end of the
utopian stage of neoliberalism in
Eastern Europe, politics started to reformulate in the
realm of art as a necessity
of reference to the previously mentioned positions, as
a need to rewrite a partial
and previously biased history. This new projection in
the past of the political
dimension of art in Eastern Europe is probably only
matched, in terms of popularity,
by urban exploration, seen either as a critical
approach to rapid growth or as a
narcissistic celebration of consumerism in a
politicized denial of politics.

Cosmin Costinas (b. Satu Mare, Romania) is an author
and freelance curator based in
Vienna. After his studies in art history and history
at the University in Cluj-Napoca, he now is
Coordinating Editor of the documenta 12
magazines, as well as a contributing editor of the
magazines Idea Arts + Society
(Cluj) and Version (Paris and Cluj). His curatorial
projects include "Textground" (Prague,
2004),"Secularity after Complicity" (Bucharest, 2005),
a project discussing the
ideological basis of the postcommunist Romanian state
and "After the Happy Nineties"
(2005), dealing with matters such as the new forms of
artistic engagement after 9/11
and the collapse of "the end of history" neoliberal
utopia. He is a contributor to
several magazines and exhibition catalogues across
Europe, North America and South East Asia.

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E-mail:mail {AT} vitamincreativespace.com
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