Martin Sjardijn on Thu, 30 Dec 1999 01:12:39 +0100 (CET)

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nettime-nl: Paradijs 2000

Paradise 2000
Vanuit de Haagse Kunstkring, wordt vanaf 31 december om 24.00 uur 
een zogenaamde interactieve multi-user 3D wereld MUSEUM aangestuurd.
Met behulp van browser/client software kan men via deze wereld communiceren met behulp van avatars.
aan de expositie nemen deel:
Bill Bogaarts, Melanie Bosboom, Willemien de Bruijn, Bander van Ierland, Caro Rambonnet,
Martin Sjardijn, Joke van Stuijvenberg.
Internet opening on the edge of the millennium at 31-12-1999 at 24.00 pm (West European time)
Special interactive 3D event with the famous Dutch 'Haagse Kunstkring' The Hague Holland
Paradise 2000
In order to visit Active Worlds, you must first download
the browser.
This is the client software that you will use
to move around inside of the Worlds and navigate from
one World to another. This is the full featured version of
the browser, not a demo or trial version.
Before you can run the browser, please make sure you
can meet these minimum system requirements:
PC Users:
Processor (greater than 133MHz recommended)
Windows 95/98/NT
16 megs of RAM (32 megs recommended)
50 megs disk space
256 color display(16 bit color recommended)
Mac Users:
OS 8.0 or better running PC emulation
software. G3 or iMac recommended.
Note: Active Worlds is a PC based software, and no
performance guarantees are offered to Mac users.
The Active Worlds Browser is only 1.67 megabytes!
When downloaded install the browser and visit the world MUSEUM
-martin sjardijn