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nettime-nl: Seti@home-lezing bij Studium Generale

The Erasmus University is using this emaillist (with aproval of the
V2_Organisation) only for this one occasion as the topic might be of
interest to the users of this emaillist.

Studium Generale Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
[Tue. 11 January 2000 / 20:00 – 22:00 h / room LB 97 Woudestein]

The search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Projectleider Seti@home project

The SETI@home project uses desktop computers from more than a million
volunteers. Participants download a screen-saver program form the Web,
and data from the Arecibo radio telescope is distributed via the
Internet to this program.
The program analyzes the data, searching for narrow-band continuous and
pulsed signals.  SETI@home participants have contributed 100.000 years
of computer time so far and have formed Earth’s largest supercomputer.
Users will have the small but captivating possibility that their
computer will detect the first signal from a civilization beyond Earth.
Dan Werthimer is director of the Serendip Seti Program and chief
scientist of SETI@home at the University of California, Berkeley. He
will discuss UC Berkeley’s SETI program at the world’s largest radio
telescope. He will also discuss optical seti and the SETI@home program.

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