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nettime-nl: "Court slaps fine for noisy mobile"

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goanet-news-digest      Friday, December 17 1999      Volume 01 : Number 004

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COURT SLAPS FINE FOR NOISY MOBILE -- A 25 year old youth, Prakash 
R Poojary, who carried his mobile phone in the court room while 
attending a criminal case this evening, was convicted and fined 
Rs 200 by Judicial Magistrate First Class Shekar V Parab.
The incident occured when the court was in function and the youth 
entered in the courtroom with a mobile phone in his pocket. 
Suddenly, the court was disturbed when Poojary's mobile started 
Realising this grave mistake, the youth ran out but was summoned 
and issued a show cause notice as to why action should not be 
taken against him in view of the ban of carrying mobiles in the 
court room.
The youth was luckily accompanied by his lawyer D S Nadkarni 
through whom Poojary tendered an unconditional apology giving an 
assurance that he wont repeat such mistake again.
Accordingly, the judge convicted the youth for the offence and 
ordered him to pay a fine of Rs 200 and in default to undergo two 
days simple imprisonment.

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