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nettime-nl: performance annelie david (fwd)

(this local announcement is not forwarded from Australia, for once! ;-)

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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 14:26:46 +0100
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Subject: performance annelie david

dear friends and collegues
to invite you - hope 2 see you there
fransien van der putt


Dutch Dance Platform Rotterdam
Saturday 18 December

above as [to] be [s] low  - a fragment
by Annelie David

Lantaren/Venster II
Gouvernestraat  133
010 4364713


Through new information and communication technologies, through the
trans-formation of big ideologies into shifting networks of meaning and
power, through a bigger and bigger common market, speed and speeding up
has become one of the main features of contemporary life.

But as the Flemish philosopher Samuel IJsseling puts it, for modern
western man speed has always been a priority. All technical inventions
are aiming at increasing the pace. For haste and impatience are
accompanying humans, since they live their life with limited time and
from a limited perspective.

So, to have a plan, a plan to change the world. To interfere with a
world of inevitable common speed, to distinguish different paces, to
move away from demanded sameness. To prepare oneself, to meet the other,
to respect distance and distancing.


above as [to] be [s] low - a fragment
DANCE Jack Gallagher
DRAMATURGY Fransien van der Putt
SOUND JdK Productions
LIGHT Floreyn Verheyen
ADVICE Dick Raaijmakers

Thanks to Eva Villanueva, Sara van Lamsweerde, Martine Dekker /Studio
Dok, STEIM, Kristina de Châtel  and the co-operation of DDP.


'Above as [to] be [s] low - a fragment'  is part of a longer project
inspired by amongst others the writings of the Dutch composer and
theatre maker Dick Raaijmakers. Within the process of performance-making
he distinguishes between two basic directions /  intentions / aims: the
mover and the observer. The mover has a plan to change the world. His
vision is a horizontal one. Only in the last moment does his world
become vertical. Correspondingly Raaijmakers' ideas enable necessary
reworking of existing practices and projects within western dance

For more information, contact
or St. PUREdance company
Vechtstraat 179' 1079 JJ Amsterdam


On choreographer Annelie David:
In the last ten years Annelie David's work is concerned with disrupting
fixed relationships within and playing around with the conventional
structures of dance performance and practise. She likes to displace the
traditional focus between audience & performer, music & dance, author &

Audience and performer
Since 1991 Annelie David investigates the field of visual art in
relation to dance, being concerned with perspective, performance space
and space used in dance. In the piece LIVING INGREDIENT (95) she was
inspired by the work of the English constructivist artist Marlow Moss.
The piece was performed in the Gemeente Museum Arnhem in the dome room.
The spectators watched the performance from above. In the near future
she will develop her ideas about space and fields of meaning in
collaboration with the Media artist Bill Seaman.

Dance and Music
Working on the 'art of listening' with the American composer Pauline
Oliveros, David's perspective of music for dance changed. Between 1989 -
91 the choreographer continued to research the different approach of
time, space and representation in dance and music with improvising
musicians as Gregg Moore, Carine Levine, Matthias Bauer, Radu Malfatti,
Luc Houtkamp and others. In 1991 the Goethe Institute Seoul assigned her
and the Korean composer Park Chang-Soo to work on the piece "New Way of

Both fields - changing the perspective of the spectator and using
environmental sound and the sound of the dancers as an independent sound
composition are integrated in the following pieces: Sensing Light (96,
to perform in a space of 2x2x2m), Once More Light (97, Dansateliers
Rotterdam), Petit Parcours (98, National Ballet Workshop)

Dance and Dramaturgy
Together with dramaturge Fransien van der Putt, David has been
stimulating the process of critical reflection within dance. They
initiated workshops, and developed a model to generate new ways of
looking at, talking about and writing on movement as a means within
theatre and performance art.

New Media
David has been focusing within her choreographic work on the experience
of the dancer in performance. New media allow for extensions of the
human body / human personality through digital means, mostly translation
and transformation. To generate new information for structuring and
composing matter and form. To interact on the level of composition -
changing the positions of participants in the art work of theatre.

Future Projects
January 00 at STEIM/Amsterdam with the computer program BigEye. In
February she is accompanied by Richard Povall (composer, professor of
computermusic/new media, Oberlin, Ohio).
Spring 00, researching and teaching at Atelier St. Stamina, Amsterdam
with choreographer Bianca van Dillen on Motion Capture and Life Forms.
Fall 00 with the American Media artist Bill Seaman (professor at the
Dept. of Design | Media Art, UCLA, LA)

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