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Herewith we invite you to visit:


The General Idea

      The goal of the project was to make a machine that would
      make it possible to visualize the dreams of someone - in
      this case Jos de Mul- realtime and publish them on the

      However, it is not (yet) possible to do so. But indirectly we
      can do something which looks a lot like that:

      We could register when Jos is dreaming and
      simultaneously produce a dream-like animation using
      pictures made of his daily life as a basis. These pictures
      were divided into different categories like work. house,
      family, media, on the assumption that in dreams a person
      processes the information registered during the day and
      strange and unexpected combination of content and
      imagery are the result. The animation would be a morph,
      most fittingly, from one image to one from another


      During the project Jos de Mul slept in the museum in
      Almere connected to a device that measured the electrical
      activity of his brains.
      This two-channel EEG-device, built by ORION Electronics
      enabled us to determine when the subject entered the
      REM-period of his sleep. In essence, the REM-period is the
      moment in our sleep when we are dreaming.
      This EEG-device was connected/built-in a PC - sponsored
      most generously by IBM - connected to the internet by
      means of a dialup ppp connection to the website Moir
      Brandts Honk.
      A program, written by Mateor, filtered the EEG-input and
      established when a REM-period occured and started a
      batch file with a random image name input to produce a
      morph-animation. This animation in MPEG format was
      subsequently put on the web.

Prof.dr J. de Mul
Department of Philosophy / Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam / P.O.B. 1738
NL-3000 DR Rotterdam (Netherlands) 
Oostmaaslaan 950-952 / Rotterdam
VOX: +31-10-408 8998/8965    FAX: +31-10-212 04 48
private tel/fax: +31-24-3584657

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