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[Nettime-nl] Vrankrijk troubles

Political-cultural Center VRANKRIJK under threat
March 2001

After two years of threats by the City Counsil, Administrative Force against
Vrankrijk can be applied since january 5th. This means that
Political-cultural Center Vrankrijk can be closed down by the police and the
authorities at any moment. Vrankrijk has become the next Freeplace that has
to be destroyed by the authorities, as a result of a policy to erradicate
all independent initiatives. In their opinion Amsterdam has to be in service
of big-bussiness, tourists, and the upper classes. Collective and
independent initiatives have no right of existence in a Euro oriŽntated

For 18 years Vrankrijk has tried to be an alternative for moneyhungry and
commercialized nightlife. Vrankrijk is run on a voluntary basis.
Collectively we take responsibility for Vrankrijk, so people can have a good
time and are safe for, for example, fire-hazards as well. Vrankrijk respects
everyone for whoever or whatever they are, not for what their financial
status or position is. The underlying goal is not to just be an alternative,
but also to support numerous groups and people who try to make an effort for
a just society based on solidarity and autonomy.

Now the City Counsil is trying to ďnormaliseĒ this initiative by forcing
police control by means of a permit or license. As an excuse they use the
argument that normal nightlife facilities have to accept the rules as well.
This is rubbish! Vrankrijk can not be considered normal commercial
nightlife, but should be accepted as an independent political-cultural
Freeplace. We have always been open to coŲperation with the firebrigade or
enviromental services, but we will never accept police inspection nor hand
over membership lists. By demanding this the City Counsil is willingly
forcing a conflict with the volunteers and sympathisers of Vrankrijk. They
must not be allowed to force us into there regulations of profit,
selfishness and the biggest common denominator. They should realise that
Amsterdam needs independent non-profit initiatives like Vrankrijk. These
places should not be forced into the straightjacket of regulated commercial

Now, after two years of talks, their restrictive and repressive policies
threaten to lead to a forcefull closure of Vrankrijk. The Amsterdam
authorities have repeatedly been trying to criminalise and de-politisize the
Vranrijk volunteers and sympathisers. Most recently after the eviction of
the Kalenderpanden and earlier in reaction to protests during the

Recent soothing words, officially used to deŽscalate, have proven to be of
no value. It is evident that the Amsterdam police department has been
blocking any possible solution that involves any loss of control and
authority on their part.

Whatever happens, we will not give in to their repressive demands or any
other form of faulty city-policy.

For Autonomy and solidarity
Stop the closure of Vrankrijk!!
www.vrankrijk.org or info@vrankrijk.org

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