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[Nettime-nl] DEAF_00: Stay till the Eend !

(English intro; Periferico intro below; das IBW Programm ist das Letzte!)

The phenomena of departure before a festival's ending has been considered
hip for a long while now. Surprisingly, this attitude loses it's glamour:
" I've seen people feeling very insecure when caught explaining their
premature departure...a lot of laughs, usually !", says G. Keefer of
Adelaide Social Survey for Radical Embetterment.
" We pity those who signal with their flight-ticket their busy life, and
their over-demanded personality", says E. van Goofter, decan of Yorkshire
Cultural Media Centre and staff-editor of FeveredFive.
V2/DEAF have found a remedy.
"You mean them ?", says A. Kratyg, cybertheorist from Ottawa, "I saw them
during Y2K...."
Yes, V2/DEAF has programmed the IBW on the final day. So stay till the Eend.

(intro Periferico)

Very Discobery von Medicina anti Festival Praecox...
Das Phenomen departida prematura festivalis very many immer modern und moderne.
Nu mas never from ahora des heute !
La actitud esa es changing mucho nowadays!
Muchos piensan que partir muy early es inpressing todos.
Nein. Pero Como ?
NAtuurlijch ! because IBW von Eindhoven.
Nunca mas Festivalis Departorum Praecox mit IBW-performy ultimo dia.
Atencion ! sage ich.
Il fo jamais partir avant les absents qui ont toujours tort.
Entonces ? Also ?

Stay till the Eend !  - DEAF_00 - Stay till the Eend !

Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin: YES, WE HAVE NO NORIT

The closing performance of DEAF_00 is a hybrid dinner evening with
enlightening disturbances, a multimedia report from a village in Honduras,
and an hommage to the Spanish film pioneer Segundo de Chomon from Aragon.

Time: 19 November, 19.00 and 22.30

Location: Restaurant De Eend (The Duck), Mauritsweg, Rotterdam

Combined dinner and performance ticket: nlg 35,--

Information: DEAF_00 c/o V2_Organisation, Eendrachtsstraat 10,  3012
XL, Rotterdam, phone: +31-(0)10-206.7275, fax:  +31-(0)10-206.7271

As capacity for both performances is limited, please make sure you either
buy your ticket in advance through our online ticketing system
[], or phone the DEAF_ticket hotline: +31 (0)10 277 22 82
at  Theater Lantaren/Venster.


IBW Institute for Affordable Lunacy

'Yes, we have no Norit'

Humans, as well as machines, need food; roughly every six hours.
With a so-called "dinner-beaming", a banquet with projections of IBW
content, DEAF finds a proper ending for the festival.
In the well-known restaurant 'The Duck' (De Eend)  you enjoy classically
served dishes while your other senses are quenched by 'Yes, we have no

- - - - - - - - Yes, we have no Norit - - - - - - - - - - - -

With the money from the Segundo de Chomon* Prize (20,000 Dutch
guilders) IBW's members donated a digital video studio and an MPC
sequencer to a Sisirc village in La Ceiba (Honduras). After four
months, the shamans still seemed to refuse reading the manuals, therefore
IBW repossessed the equipment and took it back to Holland.
The material dumped onto the hard disks by the temporary owners appears to
be intact and is being revoked, as far as possible.

(*The Segundo de Chomon Prize is a yearly award, named after the
Spanish film pioneer from Aragon. The award has been established to
honor artists who deal incoherently with compressed time.)
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About the IBW
The IBW (Institute for Affordable Lunacy, Eindhoven) specializes in
shoe-string conventions, anthropological intertronica and incoherent
connections. Usually IBW members number up to fourteen, with audiences of a
few hundred per event.
They operate in very diverse circles, from Joops van den Ende MetaTV to
Catherine Davids MetaKassel, from pirate radio station Patapoe to pop
culture TV in Costa Rica, from La Ceiba, Honduras to Krsko, Slovenia.
Currently they have started up their own NGO, the Centro Periferico
Internacional, operating from Calanda, Spain. Their sites are on hit lists
all over. Their music is suspected everywhere.

IBW (dutch)
IBW (spanish)

ALL THIRTEEN GOLD, the first anthropological CD-ROM, has just been

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