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[Nettime-nl] [Waag] 9.10.00 European Streaming Media Forum

Society for Old and New Media together with Dream Stream Inc. present :

European Streaming Media Forum
"The future of Streaming media in Europe: Creative force for interactive
European content or ubiquitous extension of passive consumer entertainment?"

Streaming media is the hot new outlet which is being used intensively by
the media industry. In a one-day forum the Society for Old and New Media
and Dream Stream Inc. explore what space there is for innovative,
interactive content as opposed to consumerbased entertainment. At 9 October
some of the most ambitious streaming companies like Canal web and Kataweb
meet with small innovative players from the cultural field. Amongst them
are some of the most promising entries of the Third International Browser
Competition which was organised by Society for Old and New Media in May
this year.

The forum will take place on 9 October 2000, in conjunction with the
net.congestion streaming festival. It will be held at de Waag and
live-streamed on the web from 9.15am to 5.15pm:

Participants from across Europe will consider visionary concepts, tools,
projects and alliances, and ultimately will aim to set  new agendas for
streaming media technologies within Europe. In particular, the forum sets
out to identify positive existing solutions, tools and products as a basis
for future development opportunities. Potential cross-discipline synergies
will be explored in order to initiate further practical trans-European
collaboration across such  related areas as streaming interface, open
access to streaming tools, European streaming content, and open network

Questions which will be addressed are a.o. the accessibility of  broadband
streaming facilities, the position of the media player versus browser,
online and offline production and storytelling tools for both specialist
and end-user and the nature and suitability of streaming content within a
multi-lingual European environment.

"The Society for Old and New Media is delighted to be able to host such a
compelling European streaming forum in Amsterdam and to be  able to
contribute to European streaming development with our own tools and
experience', said Director Marleen Stikker. "This is an excellent
opportunity to bring together in Amsterdam streaming experts from diverse
business and cultural areas for an exchange of knowledge which can
facilitate visionary momentum and practical tool and content development",
added Andrew Bullen, Founder of DreamStream.

The Society for Old and New Media in Amsterdam is a cultural research and
development centre for communications technology with involvement in an
extensive range of national and European new media activities. DreamStream
Ltd. is a new London based consultancy specialising in streaming and
broadband projects across Europe.
Streaming capacity sponsored by DDS (Digital City Amsterdam).

For all enquiries, please contact Aske Hopman, Society for Old and New

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