fran ilich on 28 Mar 2001 10:21:03 -0000

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[nettime-lat] FW: hola, & nettime meeting

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 05:33:21 +0200 (MEST)
Subject: hola, & nettime meeting

Bienvenidos Nettime-latinos,

We are in Mexico City! Fran Ilich offers us
a place (we are his guests also) to have a meeting
with those of you in the area. It would be nice
to meet some of you, and to find out more about
the local scene and what gets discussed on
nettime-latino. We can also speak about nettime
and recent topics.

esta blabla di maniana, etcetera? in order to get
to know who is the neighbor in the global suburbia
this little nettime fiesta could become a
chance to get our worldviews refreshed.
for some a chance to look at nettime from
another side of the ocean and basically
learn more about which email adress belongs to
which face behind the screen, for others an option
to know more about whats going on on the other
side of the nettime ocean, or just join the

Location: Colonia Roma, Calle Merida 87 D.F.
Date:     Sabado, Abril 31, 17:00
Bebidas:  cooking pot coctails (cola, ica
and rum available, bring your own prefered
incredients. mp3 disks etc.)

hasta sabado,

Diana & Pit

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