Declan McCullagh on Fri, 29 Oct 1999 21:02:29 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> The Rise of Dot-Communism


First thing, Barlow is libertarian-leaning when it comes to government but
not necessarily when it comes to private "dot-communism." Never was your
arch-enemy. Second, Wired News is now owned by a different company from
Wired Magazine, and the WN web site -- where that article appeared -- is
run by a bunch of former SF Chron and AP reporters. Hardly your
arch-enemies, or unabashed proponents of libertarianism. 

Your arch-enemies are at free-market groups like the Cato Institute, the
Competitive Enterprise Institute, Citizens for a Sound Economy, the Reason
Foundation, and so on. And they show no signs of giving up. In fact,
they're pressing the attack. 


At 11:51 10/27/1999 -0400, nettime' wrote:
>[Yes, the end of history is rapidly coming closer. Less than two months
>after the cybercommunism manifesto, the arch-enemies and mouthpieces of the
>Californian Ideology, J.P. Barlow and Wired, declare unconditional
>surrender and hail the rise of cybercommunism, though they still don't get
>the terminology right and call it stupidly "dot-communism." But these are
>details, already for the dustbin of history! We can all go to sleep now,
>Disney is taking care of us.]

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