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Re: <nettime> The Rise of Dot-Communism


It's true.  Tonite, in front of the subcribers to the GilderReport, at the
Gilder-Forbes "The New Economy" conference in New York, the most
capitalist of capitalist tools, JP did it again.  He spoke of
Dot-Communism.  And, I have it on video-tape.  Streaming video at 10. 

He said that he (re-)read Marx and Engels and they were right.  Then he
announced that they had been "hijacked" by various "butchers."  Sound

So . . . it's official . . . we are certainly dealing with some form of
"cyber-socialism" here. 

But . . . which kind?  Left or Right? 

Communism (Left Socialism) = the government is the business. 
Fascism (Right Socialism) = the business is the government.

We have assembled a team, a squad, a dedicated group of praxis-masters to
examine the question . . . is the "New Economy" really "cyber-fascism"?

All are welcome. 

This is front-burner, thanks to Richard Barbrook (and JP Barlow) and
deserves some serious resources. 

Sieg File!,

Mark Stahlman

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