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<nettime> High tech ads: a summary

My dad was a pioneer in radio broadcasting back in the late 1920's and
30's. One of the things he did was read the comic strips on the radio
(another news). I have a 50 year old photo of my sister sitting on his lap
by the microphone, as he hold the Sunday "funnies" (as they use to be
called long ago). 

I'm going to do the something like that for nettime because what you see
on the San Jose Mercury web site (and does not reflect
the kinds of ads that the print edition runs many days of the week. These
ads take up much more room than you can imagine. About 12 pages of ads,
vs.  4 of copy and information. out of 16. 

Today, October 25, there seem to be more ads than usual.  Other sections
of the paper have about 5 full pages for AltaVista. After you read this,
you will have an idea what kind of life the knowledge workers of Silicon
Valley have. 

16 pages:

p.3 Window company (real ones, not MS); Pacific Skyway (local airline),
ibm/com/developerworks 1/2 page "A lot has happened while you were
offline"  Still using FUD--fear, uncertainty, and doubt to sell services. 

p.4 10 small ads for loans and venture funding; "Y2K ready trucks and
vans";  "Free DSL + $150" 

p.5 Connexion: Frank Frazetta artwork of "vikings" riding horses,
morningstar in hand--heading for battle.  "Tomorrow's kings of the
Internet will devour today's captains of industry."  "Ferociously
Internet-enabled businesses got that way by working with Conexion."  Full
page. Probably two guys with a single Linux server running the one of
their bedrooms...  but hey, that's how netcom got started! 

p. 6 Electric Lightwave "Information is precious. Watch over it." 1/4 page
Broadbase Software: "How can you tell your customers from your traffic? 
Convert your web visitors into repeat buyers" 1/2 page

p. 7 "the most powerful set of revenue-boosting tools youve
ever seen."  Calendars, contacts, news for sales teams. full page. 

p. 8: "Introducing Firetalk. Just say what's on your
mind." to people instead of type to to
other Firetalk users while you check out web sites...  1/2 page Battery
store, Nissan online. "Who's the Daddy?"  DNA testing services "Free home
specimin collection kit" Loans built to order. 

p.9: Exodus. Server farm with 7 x 24 care. Hosts for CBS, Lycos, USA
Today.. Full page. Apple won't use this site because it's run by a woman
V.P.  Steve Jobs got rid of. 

p 10: Y2K ready villa in Hawaii; online trading seminar; savings account
for Washington Mutual; electronic auction (real not virtual); Meeting for
Good--"Lose your singleness for good"  volunteer work and matchmaking. 
TheTech museum: "Put your brain in The Tech Time Capsule"  "What will live
be like in 2020?" Sat. Oct 30th event will result in a DVD and will be
available for viewing until 2020.  Wonder who will keep the DVC player
working after a couple of years? 100 mbs Internet access. 

p. 11: Siemens phones; Bank Leumi USA; "The road to insurance is
now open." 1/2 page

p 12: Distance learning: U. of Denver; Pepperdine U;  Flashcom DSL; 
Pinnacle Forum: Guy Kawasaki "Rules for Revolutionaries"  pager service; 
immigration lawyer. 

p 13.  U. of California Santa Cruz extension; Cellular One; Centerbeam: 
"Making the Internet work for small business"  shows a guy weeping, head
in hands" "I have two computers down. The printer won't print. I have no
internet access. And I can't get anyone to return my calls. When did I get
into the computer business?" 1/2 page

p. 14 Unmas! Mexican grill ad for mango tiger shrimp; loans; Mega-path
networks (DSL ) InterConnect (DSL again). Hitech USA; ad for components in
6 pt san serif type. Low prices if you can read it.
e-commerce servers. Santa Clara University

p. 15:  Verio: computer security. Canon copiers; "How about Lunch, a
dating service for busy professionals"; LCD projectors; English as a
second language for business professionals; Central computers: cheap
components--DVD drives for $92, etc. 

p. 16 Fry's Electronics.  If you have not been to Silicon Valley, you may
not recognize this name. It's a mecca of electronics gear. Multiple
stores, huge selection, good prices, big turnover in staff. Their full
page ads keep this paper going.  Some people love the place; others hate
it. A good way to track falling PC prices (466 MHz Celeron system $249,
Scanner $39;  17" display, $149, etc.) 

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