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<nettime> APPEAL (french artists against unchecked globalization)


Please sign this appeal on the website

The International of capital is triumphing. But that of human beings hopes
yet to be born.

A little more each day the market is taking control over life. It
organises work, determines salaries, relocates factories, decides what we
drink, what we breathe, what we eat. It whittles down social progress,
eliminates differences, destroys public services, wipes out democracy and
the peoples' right to self-determination. 

A little more each day globalisation is accelerating, without a single
democratically designated institution having chosen this to be. The World
Trade Organisation's next round of negotiations runs the danger of
provoking a further breathtaking acceleration of this process. 

If its schedule is maintained, soon almost nothing will remain of all that
has been achieved through centuries of social and political struggles. 

In the name of freedom of trade, they will have annihilated Freedom
itself. And yet, if directed in accordance with sovereign rights, the
environment and social achievements, controlled by democratic authorities,
the internationalisation of economies, cultures, ideas and peoples would
enrich humanity considerably. 

We who sign this appeal propose to all the peoples of the world that they
join together to demand and impose the following three decisions from
their respective Governments: 

1.  A complete audit of all the consequences of globalisation, in
particular concerning the WTO's compliance with the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights and all other international conventions. 

2.  The organisation world-wide of general assemblies for democratic
debate among citizens, workers, firms, trade unions, associations, NGOs,
elected representatives and all those whose lives are in some way affected
by further reducing restrictions on trade. 

3.  A moratorium, already requested by thousands of organisations around
the world, on all new free-trade agreements, and in particular the
postponement of the next round of WTO negotiations until the audit has
been completed and the States General held. 

Information list (French): Discussion
list (French): Signatures:


ADJANI Isabelle, Actress - AGUITON Christophe, Association Representative
- AMALRIC Mathieu, Film-maker, Actor - ANOUIT Mouloud, Association
Representative - ARCADY Alexandre, Film-maker - ARDITI Pierre, Actor -
ASCARIDE Ariane, Actress - ATTALI Jacques, Writer - AUBERT Marie-Hélène,
MP (Green Party, Paris) - AUDIARD Jacques, Film-maker - BACRI Jean-Pierre,
Actor - BASSLER Marianne, Actress - BEART Guy, Singer - BECKER Jean,
Film-maker - BELVAUX Lucas, Film-maker - BENEIX Jean-Jacques, Film-maker -
BENGUIGUI Yamina, Film-maker - BERAUD Luc, Film-maker - BERNART Maurice,
Producer - BERRY Richard, Actor - BETOURNE Olivier, Publisher - BINOCHE
Juliette, Actress - BLIER Bertrand, Film-maker - BOUHNIK Laurent,
Film-maker - BOUQUET Carole, Actress - BOUTIH Malek, Association
Representative - CABRERA Dominique, Film-maker - CASSEN Bernard,
Association Representative - CASSENTI Franck, Film-maker - CHAHINE
Youssef, Film-maker - CHEREAU Patrice, Film-maker - CHOMIENNE Caroline,
Film-maker - CLEITMAN René, Producer - COCHET Yves, MP(French Green Party,
Val d'Oise) - COHEN Daniel, Geneticist - COMOLLI Jean-Louis, Film-maker -
COSCAS Brigitte, Film-maker - COUPE Annick, Trade Union representative -
CROZEMARIE Pierrette, Trade Union representative - DAURE-SERFATY
Christine, Association Representative - DE FONTENAY Elisabeth, University
Professor - DEBONS Claude, Trade Union representative - DELBEE, University
Professor - DEPARDON Raymond, Film-maker - DESFORGES Régine, Writer -
DETHYRE Richard, Association Representative - DETREZ Philippe, Trade Union
representative - DRAY Julien, MP (French Socialist Party, Essonne) -
DUFILS Bernard, Trade Union representative - DUMAS Maryse, Trade Union
representative - DURAND Claude, Publisher - EYRAULT Jean-Batiste,
Association Representative - FORRESTER Viviane, Writer - GALLO Max, Writer
- GASSOT Charles, Producer - GEORGE Susan, Association Representative -
GHEERBRANT Denis, Film-maker - GILOU Thomas, Film-maker - GINISTY Bernard,
Writer - GRUMBERG Jean-Claude, Writer - GUEDIGUIAN Robert, Film-maker -
HOSSEIN Robert, Film Director - HUE Robert, MP - JAOUI Agnès, Actress,
Film-maker - JEAN Olivia, Trade Union representative - KHALFA Pierre,
Trade Union representative - KHAN Axel, Director of the French Institute
for Molecular Genetics - KLAPISCH Cédric, Film-maker - KRIVINE Alain,
Euro-MP - KURYS Diane, Film-maker - LACOSTE Yves, Geographer - LANG Jack,
MP - LANGLOIS Bernard, Writer - LANZMANN Claude, Writer - LASSALE Jacques,
Film Director - LAZDUNSKI, Director of the French Institute of Molecular
Pharmacology - LE DOUARIN Nicole, Professor at the Collège de France - LE
PERON Serge, Film-maker - LEBRET Daniel, Trade Union representative -
LECLERC du SABLON Luc, Film-maker - LECONTE Patrice, Film-maker -
LOIZILLON Christophe, Film-maker - LORIDAN-IVENS Marceline, Film-maker -
MARCHAND Jean-Pierre, Film-maker - MARCHELLO NIZIA Christiane, University
Professor - MARIS Bernard, Writer - MERLET Agnès, Film-maker - MIQUEL
Pierre, Historian - MITTERAND Danielle, Association Representative -
MOREAU Jeanne, Actress - NAÏR Sami, Euro-MP, French MDC Citizens' Movement
- NOIRET Philippe, Actor - PEAN Pierre, Writer - PELT Jean-Marie,
President of the European Institute of Ecology - PERRAULT Gilles, Writer -
PETIT Jean-Claude, Composer - PHILIBERT Nicolas, Film-maker - PICCOLI
Michel, Actor - POIRIER Manuel, Film-maker - RAMONET Ignacio, Writer -
RAPPENEAU Jean-Paul, Film-maker - ROCCA Alain, Producer - ROCHANT Eric,
Film-maker - ROCHEFORT Jean, Actor - ROGER Jean-Henri, Film-maker - ROHMER
Eric, Film-maker - ROUDINESCO Elisabeth, Psychoanalyst - SAUTET Claude,
Film-maker - SEILER Carine, Student Trade Union representative - SILVERA
Charlotte, Film-maker - SURDUTS Maya, Association Representative -
TARTAKOWSKY Pierre, Trade Union representative - TAVERNIER Bertrand,
Film-maker - TERZIAN Alain, Producer - THORN Jean-Pierre, Film-maker -
TOSCAN du PLANTIER Daniel, Producer - TRESGOT Annie, Film-maker - VACHERON
Raymond, Trade Union representative - VAUTRIN Jean, Writer - VERNOUX
Marion, Film-maker - VILLIERS Claire, Association Representative -
VUAILLAT Monique, Trade Union representative - ZIEGLER Jean, University
Professor and Writer -

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