Jean-Philippe HALGAND on Wed, 13 Oct 1999 19:28:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Dear friends,

in associate today three model complementary to technology of company with
savour informative - IATSU, IARD and IAPU - PAVU show its capacity of
innovation as regards production of Plines *. In some day, you it know,
our young company you open its gate, and it be with a immense pleasure
that together we raise our glass with this future which himself announce
promising. It will be of course the occasion to discover in exclusity our
products and particularly the last models of our product-headlight,
Elliott. **time-out** you obtain some answer clear with all your question
relate to our activity of date mining, of autoductique and of production,
and any leisure to visit with complete freedom the whole of our service.
Appointment thus Friday! 

     This invitation is valid for two people

Jean-Philippe Halgand, CEO of IATSU - Paul Dupouy, CEO of IARD - Clement 
Thomas, CEO of IAPU.

              ++ PAVU TECHNOLOGIES ++
* Informative Art Default Been worth Statement in conformity and 

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