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<nettime> palestine domain .ps

A good example of how politics and the Internet are intertwined:

Monday October 11 9:09 AM ET

Palestinians Get Independent Internet Code

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Palestinians striving for a state of their own will
be asserting independence on the Internet, ending their addresses with
``.ps'' to signify a Palestinian state, an official said Monday. 

Palestinians have been using ``.wg'' at the end of their Internet
addresses to signify the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli addresses end in

``It is a sign toward the independent Palestinian state,'' Palestinian
deputy minister of planning Anis al-Kak told Reuters. He said technical
preparations would be completed within two weeks. 

He said the Palestinians had been working with the United Nations
Department of Economics and Statistics to arrange for the addresses to
reflect statehood rather than territorial status. 

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who began negotiating peace with
Israel in 1993, aims to establish an independent Palestinian state in the
West Bank and Gaza Strip. 

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