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Re: <nettime> eric s. raymond: the theory and practice of going ballistic

I can offer this selection from an old email:

So, I made myself listen to the Eric Raymond interview.

-- about 8:20 into the interview --

Dave: Let's see, Free Software versus Open Source?

Eric: Well, I think I said most of what needs to be said about that
in my recent posting, 'Shut up and show them the code'

Dave: Right.  There is quite a bit of controversy; alot of people are
concerned that perhaps you are not really showing alot of code
yourself anymore, since your doing alot of marketing.

Eric: [his voice rises, and he leans into the mic] Ah, well the
difference is that my methods work, and Richard Stallman's methods

Dave: uh, oookaaay

Eric is unaware how close to the mic he is.  And then I hear it, a
chilling sound.  His accelerated breathing thru his nostrils.

** I stop the mpg **

Forward it to about 8:20 into the interview.


And for those who can't sample the sound live, a description from an
old alt.cyberpunk post:

You must hear that sound.  It will hurt.  You will be afraid.  After
he says this he does not realize how close to the mic his little
bottom-feeder mouth is, and the sound of his breath gives him away.  I
cannot describe the sound, except to say that it is horrifying: a
nostril-flaring, face flushing, heart racing, palm sweating breath.
Truly the demonic version of the pear-shaped mouth-breathers revolting
rasp.  I fear for his children.

It's always the surplus, like the breath, that gives away the game.
Put that in your high-speed data pipe and smoke it ya Kontent wankers.

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