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<nettime> one38.org: contest


Recently the personal computer of one38.org creator Eryk Salvaggio has
been hacked, followed immediately by the cancellation and deletion
(without warning) of the site one38.org. 

This has resulted in a complete and seemingly unreversable loss of Eryk
Salvaggios visual digital portfolio for the duration of 3 years. 

However, to take a quote from the site itself:  "Cynicism Embraces the
Oppressor." And so Comes the call towards the remodeling of destruction
into creation. What now only exists in memories will become incarnated as
a recreation of the original artifact, and if all this sounds pretentious,
it is, perhaps semisonic said it best when they said, "every new beginning
comes from some other beginnings end." But I doubt that they did. Ahem: 

COLOURING CONTEST First prize: An Imaginary Trip to the Moon

Those of you who remembered one38.org are asked to draw a picture of as
many of the pages as you like. You can use crayons, pencils, pens,
markers, stencils, spraypaint. If you have never seen one38.org, I ask
that you envision what you thought it could have been, and present that. 

Lets move forward with the destruction of destruction with crayons in our

PS: They managed to save "absolut net.art"  and its new location will be
announced shortly. 

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