Toni Alatalo on Tue, 24 Aug 1999 20:40:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: biz.profile on Euronews 10min ago

i'm a bit ..  unsure about posting here 'cause it's such a good list.  but
i was asked to. and i need an excuse to ask you all to join us this Friday
evening at 8pm GMT (sharp) at for an-airguitar
play-together for nothing less than World Peace. 

but here's the fun from last night:

> my nokia calendar beeped some ten minutes ago to indicate that the
> business profile of Satama Interactive would show on Euronews and so it
> did. a grey Euronews anchor was hanging around those familiar colourful
> corridors and letting the Finns speak. "quoted" are the Euronews anchors
> comments and then excerpts of what the satamians said:
> "the internet is not going away"
> "here's a company that's doing it right!"
> heikki rotko:
> .. growing really fast .. hiring different people ..
> a woman:
> .. working for nokia (Nokia 7110 / WAP is showing)..
> "how good of biz it is, what role does it play, ...?"
> timo something, leading consultant:
> there are three kinds of companies:
> 1st group - ones that dont do net stuff but would perhaps want to
> 2nd group - the ones that've been doing IT for long but are figuring biz
> 3rd group - ones that are ground breaking in doing the biz
> Marko Ahtisaari:
> definitely the most interesting is mobile internet! (gee)
> .. navigation
> Satu Heikkila:
> wireless solutions,
> media, international
> - how to manage abroad?
> .. time to take the expertise from the nordic to all world!
> "born in the world where internet and mobile phone .. highest penetration"
> - the buzzword haven
> ;)
> + an +				~ Toni ~ 		: (t	.	!

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