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<nettime> Interactive Music 2000

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University of Westminster School of Communications, Design and Media presents:

Interactive Music 2000: cognition, culture and context

April 26-28, 2000

Harrow Campus, Northwick Park, Harrow, HA1 3TP, England

First Call for Papers

The use of computers to create music as one element in a multimedia
artefact, such as a generative performance event, video game, CD-ROM or
interactive device, has expanded immensely in the last five years. More
creative musicians than ever are harnessing the power of current and
developing technology to communicate to new, expanding audiences with a
wider range of voices than ever before. At the same time, many issues
surrounding the production, cognition and consumption of interactive
musics remain to be tackled with the same energy that has been invested in
the creation of such musics. 

You are invited to submit proposals for presentation at the first major
international conference to draw together the creative, industrial and
theoretical sides of interactive, computer-generated and multimedia music. 
Proposals may take the form of academic or practice-based papers (up to 25
minutes, with up to 15 for discussion), software or hardware
demonstrations (time-specific or continuous), interactive, generative or
multimedia performances, (at least one major performance event, with
smaller events throughout the conference) or round-table sessions on
themes of common interest to a wide range of practitioners and theorists
(up to 2 hours in total). Major software and hardware manufacturers and
industry leaders will be invited to present new ideas and equipment to
delegates at an Interactive Marketplace, located next to the main
conference venues. 

Themes for papers and round-table sessions will be considered in any
interactive music-related subject area, but likely conference themes would
include: the practice of interactive music production; the technological
history of interactive music; the political economy of interactive music; 
the psychology and cognition of interactive music; the role of
professionals in interactive music, and the DIY culture and interactive
music. There will be at least one keynote speaker to give a presentation
on each of the main themes. (Invited speakers to include Brian Eno, Laurie
Anderson/Thomas Dolby, Toshio Iwai, Michael Chanan, Stephen Whaley,
Richard Barbrook.) 

Proposals for demonstrations of soft/hardware, performances,
installations, etc. may take any form that may be suitable for exposition
at either the main performance event, or at various smaller sites on the
Harrow campus. 

If you are interested in presenting at Interactive Music 2000, please send
an abstract (up to 250 words) outlining the nature and subject of the
paper/session/event. Please address all proposals, or any queries about
the conference, to: 

Dr Chris Kennett, Researcher in Sound Media, University of Westminster,
Northwick Park, Harrow, HA1 3TP, ENGLAND. 

Emailed abstracts are preferable, and may be sent to any of the following

Deadline for proposals: October 31, 1999. 

Dr. Richard Barbrook
Hypermedia Research Centre
School of Communications, Design & Media
University of Westminster
Watford Road
Northwick Park


+44 (0)171-911-5000 x 4590

"...the History of the World is nothing but the development
of the Idea of Freedom." - Georg Hegel

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