Yes Rudy! on Thu, 12 Aug 1999 04:55:24 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Disney and Rudy

Dear Political Friend,

The Rudy Giuliani campaign for the United States Senate is HEATING
UP--yes, heating up! And when things heat up, it's good to have friends. 

We here at "Giuliani central" have always felt our best friends to be
those giant concerns with the big floppy ears, those cuddly and bumbly
beasts and bears that steer our children to ever greater heights of
achievement, and that fill us all with a friendly and kindly emotion. 

In Manhattan, for example, these creatures now fill those alleys where not
long ago, prostitutes and even some tourists were giving handjobs for
crack (or less). 

The creatures we are referring to, of course, are corporations like Disney
and Warner Brothers. And Disney, for one, has been good enough to return
our emotionally friendly advances, by creating for us some special Disney
characters all our own, and allowing us unlimited reproductive rights--and
not just us, but our children as well! 

So come visit, and let us know just how great you're
feeling today! 

Doom upon Hillary,
Rudy and Friends,
Gleefully Sinister, But Happy

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