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<nettime> trAcingz

Launch of "My" Millennium
                    trAce is delighted to announce the launch of "My"
                    Millennium, a stunning online anthology devoted
                    to the subject of time and the digital revolution,
                    curated by trAce Virtual Writer-in-Residence
                    Christy Sheffield Sanford and featuring a
                    centrepiece by Australian web-artist Mez.

+IF fle.shh! = sub.stance of n anim[us].all body//sur.face of the body
+       [lectric__bone______ crust_______ &_________ hardware________ bitten]
+THEN *.esque = n-dicating style, manner, or dis[funct]tinc.tive charact[.h]er
+                       _____________________________________
+                        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[flesque is born]  

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