Ralf Homann on Sat, 31 Jul 1999 20:32:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> [camp99radio] 'no one is illegal'

Kein Mensch ist illegal - www.contrast.org/borders



Like last year there will be a camp-radio during the bordercamp of the
campaign "kein mench ist illegal/no one is illegal"
(www.contrast.org/borders)Therefore it will be useful to bring radios
along: e.g. clock radios for use inside of tents, big ghetto-blasters for
the lawn and transistors to carry whereever you go. However, everyone is
heartily invited to bring along bizarre tunes to perform miracle mix in
the heart of the night. (Better no vinyl. So something beyond DJ-ing). 

[camp99radio] for INFORMATION - about the latest and about invalid truths;
ENTERTAINMENT - of the antirassist resistance against the ruling border
regime; and FORMATION/EDUCATION (We don't know) - of bands. 

[camp99radio] is a nice little stone on air, a signal one can grasp or
leave, an argument which never escapes but still vanishes into the
vastness of the borderlands. (not before the last one will have crossed
the finishing line we will have won) 

[camp99radio] does not act strategically but tactically - it is prepared
to receive and transmit whenever. At the same time the structure of
[camp99radio] is completely non-transparent; the standard question of
power: who is responsible here? falls into a huge black hole. Nowhere DJs,
no broadcasts. This could be possible at all ! 

Nevertheless there are people acting who are convinced:

those who are not listening have presently got something better to do. 
Beyond radio. Beyond borders and remote-controlled habits of listening. 
Useless and for free. Those acting people can be identified by their
permanent handling of gadgets or by their doing nothing; they debate, pose
questions and carry microphones with them; maybe they are good at
borrowing audio-tapes but bad at giving them back. 

In termes of the (informed) power [camp99radio] is spinning very
chaotically, but that doesn't matter: "after all their chaos is not our
chaos, as their order is not our order." (Agentur Bilwet) 

Salut, Andre Simon, Genc Greva, Gregor Mers and others


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