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Radio B2-92 began test transmissions in Belgrade on Wednesday, July 28.
The B2-92 program is broadcast on 99.1 MHz FM, the third frequency of
Belgrade's Studio B Radio. 

B2-92 will broadcast news programs from Monday August 2 at 8.00 am. The
program is a continuation of the real Radio B92 and its news and current
affairs programming will be produced by the team which was evicted from
Radio B92 in early April when the management of the station was usurped. 

The B2-92 program will be broadcast daily from eight a.m to eight p.m. and
will initially provide information on events nation-wide to the Belgrade
audience. In the coming weeks the program is expected to be available to
audiences across Serbia on the ANEM Radio Network. 

B2-92 is a project of the former employees of Radio B92 as part of the
campaign to return the station to its rightful owners. 

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