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<nettime> Researching role of Govt in development of Internet

   Computer Science and Government: ARPA/IPTO (1962-1986)
   Creating the Needed Interface

     Creating the Needed Interface
     Basic Research in the Post War Period
     Soviet Union Launches Sputnik
     Problems with Computers in DOD
     Creating a New Field and Community of Computer Scientists
     The Change at ARPA


I am continuing research on the role of the U.S. government in the
creation of the Internet and I welcome comments on this paper and also
contact with others doing similar or related research about the government
role in creating the Internet. 

I am also interested in studies of the role of governments in countries
other than the U.S. in the creation of the Internet and in the
collaboration of computer scientists from different countries.. 


                 Netizens: On the History and Impact
                     of Usenet and the Internet
             Published by the IEEE Computer Society Press
                      ISBN # 0-8186-7706-6

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