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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 14:10:54 +0100 

Hi Nettimers

Following the success of the three day international conference entitled
EXPLORING CYBER SOCIETY, held at the University of Northumbria at
Newcastle UK on 5-7 July, I am in a position to offer for sale a strictly
limited number of copies of the conference proceedings @ 15 per volume
(normally 20 per volume). There are 2 edited volumes in all. In each of
the edited volumes there are 37 academic papers, making a total of 74
up-to-the-minute- pieces in all.

Please find the contents of Volume 1 below. The contents of Volume 2 are
to follow in a separate email.

If anyone wishes to purchase one or more of these volumes then please
email the conference secretary, or me on

best wishes

John Armitage

   Exploring Cyber Society

Social, Political, Economic and Cultural Issues

Contents - Volume I

John Armitage & Joanne Roberts, Introduction to the Proceedings of the
Georg Aichholzer & Rupert Schmutzer, Options, Policy Issues, and
Implementation of Electronic Government Services
Panagiota Alevizou, New Media and Cybergenres: The Case of Encyclopedias
Online and the Methodological Challenges for Analysing the 'New' in Digital
Louise Amoore, Disembedded Technology? Globalisation, Knowledge and Social
Maria Bakardjieva & Richard Smith, The Internet in Everyday Life: Computer
Networking from the Standpoint of the Domestic User
Andrea Baker, Relationships in Everyday Life Online: Finding Love in
Richard Barbrook, The Hi-Tech Gift Economy
Richard Barbrook, The Holy Fools
Lindsay Barrett & Marion Benjamin, The Aesthetics and Politics of New Media
Hillary Bays, The Gift Economy in Internet Chat - Giving Immaterial and
"Material" Gifts
Frans A.J. Birrer, Cyber Society and Democratic Quality
Anita Borch, Deconstructing the Internet-market - a Critical Consumer
Dale Bradley, The Rhizotope
Christopher Brien, The Death of Distance: Teaching Online at an Australian
Joanne Britton, Fiona Devine, Rosmary Mellor & Peter Halfpenny, The
Potential for Home-Working in the Information Age: Case Studies from
Manchester's Financial and Business Services
Niels Brugger, Body, Technology and Media, With Mauss, McLuhan and Virilio
as Guides
Jose-David Carracedo, To What Extent is the Scheme of Panopticism Useful in
the Age of Global Electronic Communications to Make Sense of the Concept of
Power and Surveillance?
Justo Carracedo-Gallardo & Jose-David Carracedo, Use of Security Protocols
for Privacy and Anonymity Protection in the Internet Communications
Glenda Carriere, Forays Into Cyberspace: The Establishment of Electronic
Communications by a Non-Profit Women's Organisation 
B.M. Chivhanga, Living It Out - The Internet in Africa
Anna Croon, Making Sense of Cyberspace - A Question of Being - With
Information Technology
Lincoln Dahlberg, The Internet and Electronic Democracy: Exploring Three
Bella Dicks & Bruce Mason, Cyber Ethnography and the Digital Researcher
Lynn Dobbs & Rosie Cunningham, Smooth Operators: Examining the Role of ICTs
in the National Health Service
Karen Evans, Into the Black Holes - Social Exclusion and the Information
Shehina Fazal, More Than Just Consumers: New Media and Shifting Boundaries
of Childhood and Adulthood in Cyber Society
Tony Fitzpatrick, Critical Cyber Policy: Network Technologies, Massless
Citizens, Virtual Rights
Mary Flanagan, Navigable Narratives: Gender and Narrative Spatiality in
Virtual Worlds
Sheila French & Helen Richardson, Gender and the Cyber Classroom
Mike Gane, Bathos of Technology and Politics in Fourth Order Simulacra
Charlie Gere, The Systemic Sublime
Philip Graham, Hypercapitalism: Political Economy, Electric Identity, and
Authorial Alienation
Lynne Hall & Carlisle E. George, Law and Punishment in Virtual Communities
Robin B. Hamman, Computer Networks Linking Network Communities: Effects of
AOL Use Upon Pre-existing Communities
Terry Harpold & Kavita Philip, Of Bugs and Rats: Cyber-cleanliness,
Cyber-squalor, and the Fantasies of Globalization
Martin Harris, New Labour New Media: Virtual Learning and the University for
Maren Hartmann, Surfer, Netizen, Cyberflaneur, Webgrrl: Online User
Metaphors In Use

"The military is the message"

John Armitage
Division of Government & Politics
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 0191 227 3943
Fax: 0191 227 4654
E-mail (w):
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