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From: John Armitage <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 14:18:37 +0100 

Hi Nettimers

Here are the contents of Volume 2 of the EXPLORING CYBER SOCIETY

best wishes

John Armitage

                     EXPLORING CYBER SOCIETY

           Social, Political, Economic and Cultural Issues

                       Contents - Volume II

John Armitage & Joanne Roberts, Introduction to the Proceedings of the

Greg Hearn & David Rooney, The Role of Communication in the Knowledge

Anders Henten & Thomas Myrup Kristensen, Information Society Visions in the
Nordic Countries

Debra Howcroft & Francis Wilson, World-Wide Culture? An Empirical Study of
Internet Adoption and Diffusion in Japan

John Hudson, Rational Actors, Sub-Rational Organisations

Alistair Irons, 'Cyberwar' and Society

Barbara Jones & Bob Miller, The Remodelling of Individual Preferences and
Choices 'in Cyberspace'

Tim Jordan, Cyberpower: The Culture and Politics of Cyberspace

Lee Komito, Political Transformations, Clientelism and Technology Change

David Kreps, Cyborg Bodies: From Postmodern to Posthuman Liminal Habitats

Sam Lehman-Wilzig, The Tower of Babel vs. The Power of Babble: Future
Political, Economic & Cultural Consequences of Simultaneous, Automated
Translation Systems (SATS)

Leah A. Lievrouw, Cyber Separatism: ICTs, Heterotopic Communication and
Information Environments

Tomas A. Lipinski, The New Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: A Legal Critique on
Internet Content Regulation in Public Spaces

Christopher May, Network Myths? Lewis Mumford and the Technologies of
Information Society

Miranda Mowbray, Differences in the Use of a Cyber Community According to
Habitual Time of Connection and Presenting Gender

Christoph Mueller, Networks of 'Personal Communities' and 'Group
Communities' in Different Online Communication Services

Richard Naylor and James Cornford, Computer and Video Games: The First New
Cultural Industry of the Digital Age?

Paul G. Nixon & Hans S.H. Johansson, Political Parties and the Internet in
the European Parliament Elections

Ashraf Patel, ICT Policy and Practise in South Africa: The Multipurpose
Community Information Centre Experience

Sabine Pfeiffer, Ignored and Neglected: Work in Cybersociety

Neil Pollock, The Virtual University as 'Timely and Accurate' Information

Tatiana Rapatzikou, Contemporary Gothic Visualisations in William Gibson's
Cyber Trilogy and the Art of the Graphic Novel

Patrice Renaud & Mario Poirier, Structures and Instabilities in the
Emergence of a Cyber Community

Joanne Roberts, From Know-how to Show-how? Questioning the Role of ICTs in
Knowledge Transfer

Kate Robson & Mark Robson, Your Place or Mine? Ethics, the Researcher and
the Internet

Simon Rogerson, Paul Foley & Chanaka Jayawardhena, Is Electronic Commerce a
Socially Beneficial Activity?
Mark Samuels, Contemporary Retail Employment Geography: A Presentation of
Segmented Worker Activities

Eric Sim and Paula M. Tidwell, Determining Entry Strategies for Global
Markets: An Eclectic Approach Using ANN's

David R. Smith, Bcnet: The Emergence of the Internet in an Urban Area: A
Tale of Possibilities Lost and Found

Collette Snowden, Hello! The Future is Wireless

Jyanni Steffensen, Brodsky, Economics and the Jewish Science or How to
Finance Time Travel Analysis through the Production of Virtual Vibrators

Maureen Stephenson, Grey Colonisation of Cyberspace

Doug Stuart & Nira Yuval-Davis, Homelands, Landscapes and the Construction
of Collectivities: Imaginary Geographies and the Internet

Valerie Walkerdine & Angela Dudfield, Children and Cyberspace: Childhood and
Computer Games at the End of the Millennium

Jon Warren, Consumers in Cyberspace

C. William R. Webster, Cyber Society or Surveillance Society? Findings from
a National Survey on Closed Circuit Television in the UK

Chris Werry, Imagined Electronic Community: Representations of Virtual
Community in Contemporary Business Discourse

"The military is the message"

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