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<nettime> nihilists all regions, enjoy
Stephanos Geroulanos on Fri, 30 Apr 1999 22:41:58 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> nihilists all regions, enjoy

Some research into net.nihilism:



the american nihilism association





nihilist links


the net anarchists page




REPULSIVE LINKS PAGE (the american nihilist underground society)


nihilist magazine



"hessian studies centre"

supposed study centre



thomas pynchon



Dialectics of Absurdity:
Predialectic Libertarianism and Nihilism 
Morris Sapp Program in Literature and Cultural Studies, Duke University


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University Press]
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the Works of Stone.
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[And/Or Press] 



baudrillard and nihilism

essay by a college girl.



Naive and Knowledgeable Nihilism in Byron's Gothic Verse





Ontology Of Construction; On Nihilism Of Technology And
Theories Of Modern Architecture  By: Hartoonian, Gevork // Foreword by
Frampton, Kenneth 



a guy called trimble. interesting.



critical art ensemble: nihilism in the flesh

more critical art ensemble stuff: http://www.t0.or.at/cae/critical.htm



essay may be important



cool images


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