Pit Schultz on Fri, 30 Apr 1999 11:46:05 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> RE: nettime-l = kosovo-l or serbia-l or nato-l ?

> I'd prefer creating a separate forum for the discussion about the
> Kosova/Serbian topic. Such a mailinglist may be appealing to a larger
> community
> than just the nettime subscribers, and may therefore be an interesting
> initiative in itself. Such a list could become a blossoming open forum and
> would not even need a moderator. As long as such an initiative is not
> frustrated and sabotaged by supporters of either side in the conflict. If
> that  would ever happen a moderator would be necessary.

i agree. 
but do the other people agree too? and would it work? 

most of all it looks that such a list would rather accompany the
reconstruction process and also a process of analysing and blaming
and finding a way to understand what happened and rebuild bridges.

why not starting with a list which puts these topics upfront, it
only would work if on nettime, syndicate and other places
people are not getting territorial about 'their' topic .and here
is where i think such a forum would need a very proper planning of
people who are in a way activly involved in the reconstruction process. 
then, only then, there would be a direct gateway from discussion to action.
substantially such an initiative can be offered remotly but has to be
wanted, realized and legitimized by people at the 'ground'. this dialectics
of development is what would make such a project difficult. in this context
i have to rermind everyone to reread the early proposal of Melentie from Skopje!

the other way is more the usual *self-organisation process* including
hickups and flaws but rather open where the discourse might end up
and who is 'allowed' to say something, beeing at the ground or in the
sky, insider or outsider. the 'border politics' the way this conflict
organizes a certain kind of control-space all over the world is worrysome
- but mailinglists certainly give causes to keep the faith finding
thoughtful ways of resistance. 

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