sebastian.luetgert on Thu, 29 Apr 1999 06:14:00 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> some more broken german links (re:zkp6was:who[fokky])

> No Theweleit there, guys.

sorry. the correct very important grown-ups url seems to spell;amp;idx=3&amp;amp;re=ku

it's a short version of the logical radical criminal text, anyway.

apart from that, a reproduction of theweleit's hard disk is available at

a simcity 3000 demo celebrating 50 years of un/nato can be downloaded from

finally, may be worth a weekly site check.


p.s.: in these times of remote send/recieve war (see: "all those weeks
of discussion" vs. "so little actual working initiatives", "the hard work
is done elsewhere" vs. "how influential are we?"), let's not forget to
keep deserting our own (local) regimes. those nettimers in berlin/germany
may RECLAIM THE STREETS on friday, 16 p.m. at alexanderplatz and FUCK THE
POLICE on saturday, 18 p.m. at oranienplatz. because: wasn't the only way
to "change things" collateral damage to the powers that arrange things?
if your arena is symbolic and your tactics are semio: LANGUAGE COMPLIANCE

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