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The open war in Yugoslavia and Kosovo is now more than five weeks
old. On nettime, it has generated a very rich (and heavy) feed of
messages. After the first shock, it is time to rethink our
position within the flow of information. The mass media are
already in their cycle where hyper-coverage is followed by
disinterest. Other stories are beginning to occupy prime time.
Similarly, the nettime "community" begins, very slowly, to ache
under pressure of high traffic (see: felipe's nettime-l and re:).
While this might sound cynical for those under the pressure of
war, potential information overload is nevertheless a reality.

What can be done?

Please do not misinterpret us. This is not a call to return to
"normality." Personal reports, deviant opinions (possible beyond
the usual pro and con) and important information for those
interested in media issues, the role of internet within the larger
framework of social, cultural and political action and
analysis--these are all extremely important. But we have to shift
to a pattern that is sustainable in the long run, and
concentrate on what nettime can do that other resources cannot.

What is needed now:

- voices from the ground, telling stories from the point of view
  of the "targets", from the point of view of the "collatoral
  damage" to continue breaking up the cynical language of the
  military and their ideology of a clean war.

- analysis that cuts through the left-right confusion.  Analysis
  which not trapped by what Zijzek called "double blackmail" that
  swallows up all independent thinking.

- efforts to develop specific actions against the war, be they
  online, in print or on the streets.

What is no longer needed:

Initially, there was considerable confusion around as to where to
find independent information and nettime served also as a
redistribution channel connecting many different initiatives. As
these independent information providers become better known, the
need to function as a relay decreases. For the moderators, this
means not forwarding from other e-mail list on a regular basis.
Those interested in this information can subscribe directly to the
lists (see below); information about new or other resources is a
big help, of course.

To subscribe: Send an E-mail to:
In text body: subscribe balkansunflower-list
To subscribe:
In text body:  "subscribe crisisweb <your@emailaddress>"
 A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E:
Kosova Crisis Center (KCC) News Network:
To subscribe send a message to
The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR)
To subscribe send an e-mail to
In text body: subscribe balkan-reports
Justwatch, the International Justice Watch Discussion list:

There are a number of news sources, in different shades, providing
up-to-date information. Thus, we will no longer forward "breaking
news" from any of the news agencies or media outlets.

Some URLs from Yugoslavia:

Campaigns and general sites of interest:

(Help) B92:,
Radio 21 (Kosovo-Albanian, now Skopje):
Press Now (Dutch Campaign):
International Crisis Group:
Open Channels:

     Geert Lovink <>
     Felix Stalder <>
     Ted Byfield <>

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