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<nettime> (No Subject)

hi, just a little comment on list formats and the difference between say yours
and an American list where the subjects are similar but interaction lively vs
nonexistent on nettime.

I would like to know the reasons for the latter and give a suggestion for
improvement on the former (first).

http://listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu/archives/albanews.html is a list with specs
about size which is usefull especially on slower machines. Waiting for a meager
2 lines when you are scanning a few months worth is frustrating not to mention
expensive for some.

Your response/follow up specs, on the other hand so far simply bead up a long
line of zeros to emphasize and hammer on the curious fact there are none.  Why?
Is it cause we are all right and nobody needs contradiction, correction or even
support?  Is it cause we're all solipsists and the more isolated the deeper we
penetrate the global air strikes, strokings, waves, impacts and/or sharings

At http://csf.colorado.edu/lists/pen-l/ where they are struggling with software
switches now (making things worse so far in my opinion) there are some very
hotted up and steamy exchanges while your thread function is completely
unausgelasted, useless and idle!!!

I have long since realized and witnessed that intellectual life is thriving and
lively in some favored spots and disposition 'Stateside' whereas the uneducated
are degenerating at breakneck speed; they just get fattter, lazier, scareder,
and more violent. All of which reflects the larger range and momentum, the
greater amounts of time spent at and devoted to extremes of ....you name it:
weather, character, health, sickness....in occupied first people land (well,
relatively anyway; enough to still (s)tone set and to have done so for
thousands of years to come I doubt not) ---
http://members.tripod.com/~poetpiet/Blabsabs_Index.htm 4 Mb pics; 5 Mb text
(colourful throughout) by palpable piet who's arch enemy pith to pinches
punching paraclete peter comments: "not bad for a dabbler"

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