Slobodan Markovic on Fri, 23 Apr 1999 09:45:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Tmhwk censhorship!

    ...for those who were SHITTING in the past few days about some URGENT
    NEED for destruction of the Serbian National TV... Well, gentleman,
    here you got it - it's tmhwked at 02:06 a.m. this night! Just some
    4 kms (air-line) from my apartment.

    You know, there is a HUGE difference between THINKING about something
    you disagree with and SHITTING about what consequently should be done!

    Now, for all those who were calling for NATO's bombs on journalists
    SO BLOODY EASILY in the past few days, while not FOR A MINUTE thinking
    deeper about how it would really look like or would it solve anything;
    and for all of you who were not here in Belgrade tonight - here is what
    I saw... and you better believe me - DAMN, I wish I wasn't!

    Oh, YES - it was HEAVY and it was BLOODY! It was even better than
    Clinton, Blair, Albright and the others could even imagine - RTS
    transmission was shutdown in the middle of 02 a.m. news!

    And YES - there were about 60 LIVE PEOPLE in the building at that
    moment, civilians in the civilian building, situated in a dense
    residential part of Belgrade's very centre! All of them unarmed, but
    just imagine those MEAN speakers, tape and camera operators,
    journalists, program directors...

    HEY! For all journalists out there - YOUR FELLOW COLLEAGUES WERE
    BRUTALLY KILLED, just because of their different opinion! Some of
    them, like TV technicians, just because they happen to work night
    shift this evening!

    Our local TV station, TV Studio B, was the first one at the spot.
    Even before the arrival of ambulance cars... the scene was terrible.
    They recorded everything... I saw a man squeezed under one fallen wall,
    his scull crushed, his brain still leaking on the ground... few meters
    behind him, a second man - his both legs squeezed under one concrete
    block, his face covered with blood... horrible...

    The building of kids theatre "Dusko Radovic" which is situated in
    front of RTS building is heavily damaged. Also, a nearby Belgrade
    Youth Centre and two orthodox churches, 30 meters away from RTS
    building were damaged - large St. Marko's church and one small
    Russian-style church next to it (I forgot its name).

    It's now 04:37 a.m. and I still don't know how many people died.
    There are many wounded also. Some people are still captured under
    the ruins...

    NATO also striked at Uzice tonight, a city in south-western Serbia.
    Civilian building of a local post office was hit. Telephone lines
    are cut. Whole city is completely cut off from the rest of the world...

    Before I finish for this beautiful night, just one more notice - the
    third channel of Serbian National TV was not situated in the building
    hit last night. I think that RTS will begin its transmission via its
    third channel very soon. If NATO strikes at the building in which RTS 3
    is situated, it will almost surely destroy my ISP's VSAT (which sits
    on the building's roof).

    So, it is possible that I won't be able to send e-mail any more... and
    not just me, but some 30.000 people also... a virtual mass murder?


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