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Dear friends,

The actual situation seemes to be very dangerous. NATO, the prior to
Washington summit, decided to hammer out the interests of some member
States, at variance with the Washington treaty, UN Charter and the
international law.

In this situation which is a menace to all, we cannot be silent. We have
prepared after consultations with our friends from different countries a
text of open letter to representatives of the NATO member states.

We address to you in case that you agree the contents of letter, to join
your signature and to send it by Wednesday, April the 7th 1999 at 13
o'clock p.m. to our e-mail inforum@poboxes.com or to fax
+420+2+72739354, to can mail it together with the list of signataries to

Please join to your signatures, a concise information about your
organisation and your address. We should be very grateful to you if you
will distribute the text among your supporters'!!!!!!

Sincerely yours

Information forum "Block-free Europe"
Roman Raczynski, spokesman
Sobeslavska 21
130 00 Praha 3
Czech republic
e-mail:  inforum@poboxes.com
fax: +420+2+72739354


Open letter to the representatives of North Atlantic Treaty Organization
member states to the 50th anniversary of putting their signatures to
Washington declaration

The member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are
commemorating at present the 50th anniversary of this organisation
comming into existence in Washington in 1949. This is happening ten
years following the changes in Europe bringing an opportunity for a new
conception of all-European security and mutual co-operation. Today it is
turning out that these opportunities are being more and more thrown away
and that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation through its policy -
some member states and undoubtedly in particular the USA - has been
taking an extraordinary part in it.

The endeavour manifested particularly by the United States has evoked
concern in us - to expand the geographical framework of the Alliance,
which is in contradiction to the individual articles of the Washington
treaty. Today the United States is trying to create from NATO, drawn up
by the Washington treaty as a defensive alliance of the USA, Canada and
a part of European countries, a gendarme of the world and to involve
also the European countries in responsibility for actions that are
taking place above all in USA's power interest.

We see a danger also in that - as documented by the activities of NATO
in Yugoslavia - NATO intends to intervene militarily in individual
countries without the approval of the UN Security Council and without
respect for the UN Charter, consequently based on a gross offence
against international law. We know that those who resort to making light
of international law are those to whom this law is becoming too tight
for enforcing their goals.

It is necessary to reject such a policy of NATO, the forefront being the
implementation of USA's power interest, a policy which creates new
dividing lines in Europe and in the world, resulting in confrontation
and is against the interest of all states and nations in Europe, has
made the world more dangerous. We appeal to member states of NATO to
bring to an end this hazardeous policy of an effort for supremacy and
americanisation of the world.

We are for building up a system of European security that has respect
with the experience of this century and creates perspectives for
peaceful co-operation in Europe in the 21st century. We are convinced
that it is necessary to start speedily a discussion about the security
of Europe and the world based on the observation of international law
and the principles of the United Nations. We take this opportunity to
appeal also to the citizens of Europe to undertake steps leading to our
common peaceful future and that will be a refusal of confrontation and

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