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<nettime> 2 messages: Appeal by the Serbian NGOs (fwd); Civilisation?

From: "Slobodan Markovic" <twiddle@EUnet.yu>
Subject: Appeal by the Serbian NGOs
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 03:34:25 +0200


Deeply disturbed by NATO destruction and the ordeal of Kosovo Albanians,
we, the representatives of nongovernmental organizations and trade union
"Nezavisnost" (Independence), strongly demand from all those responsible
for this tragedy to immediately create ground for the renewal of the
peace process.

The most powerful military, political and economic powers of the world
are for two weeks incessantly killing people and destroying not only
military but also civilian objects, blowing up bridges and rail tracks,
factories and heating plants, warehouses and basins... At the same time,
in fear of the bombing campaign and military actions by the regime and
the KLA, hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Albanians are, in an unprecedented
exodus, forced to leave their devastated homes and look for salvation in
the tragedy and uncertainty of fleeing. It is obvious that this is a road
to catastrophe, and the peaceful and fair solution to the Kosovo problem
through international mediation we have supported for years, today seems
more distant than ever.

The past activities of our organizations in the field of democratization,
development of a civil society and acceptance of FR Yugoslavia into all
international institutions have been under constant pressure and
intimidation by the Serbian regime. We, as members of civil society
associations have courageously and rationally fought against war and
nationalistic propaganda and in support of human rights. We emphasize that
we have always raised our voices against the repression against Kosovo
Albanians and demanded the respect of their liberties and guarantees for
their rights. We have also requested the return of the autonomy of Kosovo.
We stress that the only connection and cooperation of Serbs and Albanians
during all these years has been preserved among civil society institutions.

NATO military intervention has undermined all results we have achieved and
endangered the very survival of the civil sector in Serbia. Faced with the
tragic situation we have found ourselves in, and in the name of human ideas
and values, as well as in accordance with all our past activities, we are

    - immediate stop to the bombing campaign and all armed movements;
    - resuming of the peace process with international mediation at the
      regional Balkan and European level, as well as in the framework of
      the United Nations;
    - share of responsibility between the European Union and Russia and
      their contribution to the peaceful solution of the crisis;
    - end of the ethnic cleansing process and immediate return of all
    - support to the citizens of Montenegro to preserve peace and
      stability, solve serious consequences of the refugee catastrophe
      and resume with the democratic processes that are underway;
    - we demand that the Serbian and international media inform the
      public in a professional manner and not spur media war, incite
      interethnic hatred, create irrational public opinion and glorify
      force as the ultimate accomplishment of the human mind.

We cannot meet these demands by ourselves. We expect from you to support
our demands and in your initiatives and actions help their

Association of Citizens for Democracy, Social Justice and Support to Trade
Unions * Belgrade Circle * Center for Democracy and Free Elections * Center
for Transition to Democracy-ToD * Civic Initiatives * European Movement in
Serbia * Forum for Ethnic Relations, and Foundation for Peace and Crisis
Management * Group 484 * Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia *
Student Union of Serbia * Union for Truth about Antifascist Resistance *
United Branch Trade Unions NEZAVISNOST * VIN-Weekly Video News * Women in
Black * Yu Lawyers Committee for Human Rights * EKO Centar

In Belgrade, April 6, 1999

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From: "Slobodan Markovic" <twiddle@EUnet.yu>
Subject: Civilisation?
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 04:26:17 +0200

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with any of the sides in current conflict
    on Balkans. I'm a 21 years old student of computer sciences at the
    University of Belgrade. I don't support violence as a way of solving any
    conflict. You are about to read only one tiny part of my experiences
    concerning goddamn war in my living environment.

    In a recent article forwarded to <nettime> mailing list, one passage
    catched my eye:

    "[Tony] Blair himself has made clear that the war against Milosevic's
    Serbia 'is no longer just a military conflict. It is a battle between
    Good and Evil; between civilisation and barbarity'."

    Well, I guess that the following can be considered as - "civilisation".

    Crvena Zastava factory in Kragujevac was hit yesterday. This factory is
    the largest one in whole region and more than 38.000 workers directly
    depend from its existence. So, they have organised 24h "human shield"
    in the factory. That was the top news in the first days of NATO strikes,
    so NATO officials knew that the factory is full of people 24h a day.
    But, who cares, right? Yesterday, missiles hit the factory wounding 120
    workers (8 of them are in very critical condition). That was totally
    unnecessary act of violence, because NATO missiles didn't hit the
    ammunition and weapons production sections of the factory, but rather
    marginal car assembly section.

    Two days ago, NATO missiles flattened to the ground one ski centre on
    the Zlatibor mountain. Yugoslav Olympic Committee Ski Hotel is totally
    devastated and three civilians (guardians of the empty hotel) were
    killed on the spot. Gosh... is THAT supposed to be yet another Serb
    freighting action?

    Yesterday, the victims of savage Prishtina bombings were buried, also.
    Apart from that, some 100 more people were also buried - for the second
    time (because one NATO missile hit the graveyard damaging more than 100
    graves, two days ago).

    It seems that NOBODY in Yugoslavia can rest in peace, anymore... :-(


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