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Re: <nettime> serbia blindness

>It seems to be like in Germany and Europe under Hitler: everybody had doubt
>about the nazi concentration and extermination camp, but nobody wanted to
>know... and most of people choosed to be behind their furher and to be
>indifferent regarding jew !!!

    Like I said, I'm really open to know everything that happens. I'm fully
    aware that in any ethnic conflict massacres always exist. On all sides.
    And there are no exceptions to this rule.

    You asked me a question about trains heading to Yugoslav borders, right?
    I said I don't know anything about that, but I'm willing to find out
    what's going on. You did not answered me...

    I'm not "standing behind my Fuhrer" and I do not close my eyes before
    Albanian exodus from Kosovo. I really cannot see what upset you in my
    writings? I'm not hysteric, if that is what disturbs you.

>I guess there is the same situation in Serbia...

    YOU GUESS!?! Well, lady, if you want to become a good reporter, you must
    get your hands dirty! Why don't you come here in Serbia. I'm offering
    you my room, my computer with Internet connection, free food and a safe
    atomic shelter under my house.

    Come here, on the "crime scene" and EXPERIENCE how it looks like to live
    in Serbia for some time... Even if you don't experience anything new, I
    presume that you wont "guess" anything anymore.

>Milosevic looks like on many point to Hitler regarding his programm of
>ethnic cleansing :
>3- Rape young women to make them pregnant: their sons will have 50% of
>serbian gen = purification on 50 %

    OK, I'm open for everything: give me only one hard proof of what you
    are saying and I'm ready to believe in all of this nonsense about
    Milosevic's plans for Kosovo Albanians genotype purification.

    Rumors wont get us anywhere... and...

>p.s: message to serbs:
>we will be pleased to help you !!!!

    Keep your head cool... It helps.


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