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<nettime> serbia blindness

Valery Grancher
Paris, France.

Dear Friends on Nettime,

    I made this little interview to slobodan Markovic which may be
published in french paper until a few days ...
Anyway, it is interesting to read it, it reminds me many things:
How can a people may be so blind regarding his power exaction all around
serbia, specially when they have acces to independant media and
internationnal media?
It is sure that there is a kind of western propaganda, and a milosevic
propaganda, but anyway in between this two point of view people may have
a good sense of reality ...
    It seems to be like in Germany and Europe under Hitler:
Everybody had doubt about the nazi concentration and extermination camp,
but nobody wanted to know ... and most of people choosed to be behind
their furher and to be indifferent regarding jew !!!
After the war, we discovered that so many sign were indicating that
everybody knew but they refused to know !!!
I guess there is the same situation in Serbia... At the end of the war
we will discover these camps, these mass graves ...
How can this people will be able to make act of memory regarding this in
front of their sons ?
Milosevic looks like on many point to Hitler regarding his programm of
ethnic cleansing :

1 - first evacuate and deport alll the kosovar from their country
2 - kill the young men because they may be UCK fighter
3- Rape young women to make them pregnant: their sons will have 50% of
serbian gen = purification on 50 %
4 - make people to loose their identity
5 - make people to loose their land

we can see that on ideology level it is really closed to the work of
nazi on jews...
On the other side we have one man (Milosevic), one land (Great Serbia),
one homeland (serbs) as Hitler with great Germany !
We have to be careful about what is meaning to be a pacifist in this
context :
to be pacifist may mean, that we are against all weapons and violence
from Serbs, UCK and nato at the same time and to open borders.
it is easy to complain serb always nato victims by forgetting the
hundred of thousand albanian victims, we should complain all victims...
because by defending only one side, the serb one, you should play under
pacifism Milosevic propaganda. On this point that is the Milosevic
subtil manipulation of pacifism movement by making a new negationism
regarding the genocyd he's making now !!!!
I'm sending the message, beacuse we cannot play with ideology by
confusing all the elements from reality and denying others:
a tree may hide a forest ! and I really scare about this forest !!!!

p.s: message to serbs:
we will be pleased to help you !!!!

hereafter the interview :

>can you explain why Arkan is doing again his dirty job in Kosovo?

    He is not personally involved. Yet. He said on multiple occasions
    that he is preparing for NATO's ground invasion and that then he
    will go to fight against them. Not me, not ANYBODY can know with
    100% confidance if some of his pals are down there on Kosovo, but
    I presume that some of them are.

>Can you explain why you put off to the surrounders borders over 850000
>kosovar since July 98?

    The number of refugees from Kosovo is large, very large, but
    850.000 is pure Western propaganda. I'll tell you why: because
    there are only 10 million of people in whole Yugoslavia (Serbia
    and Montenegro) and no more than 2 million of people on Kosovo
    (of all nationalities). If 850.000 run away from Kosovo - it
    would become pretty empty. There would be no more Albanians on
    Kosovo then.

>Can you explain why Arkan who is under arrest for murder against
>humanity is still free in Serbia?

    Arkan is not under arrest, he is under suspition of commiting
    war crimes. There is a huge difference between those two. No one
    is guilty, until proven he really is. No matter if everybody
    (including me) suspects he did some war crimes.

    And why is he free in Serbia? Well, I surely don't approve
    that. But, I'm the last person in this country who have any
    power to arrest and prosecute him.

>Can you explain why your government choosed war option instead to sign
>the Rambouillet agreement? UCK did!

    Serbian government NEVER, EVER chose the war option. You should
    maybe get better prepared before asking such questions. You
    live in France, so dig a two weeks old newspapers and read what
    happened in Paris (not Rambouillet).

    UCK signed an agreement according to which 30.000 NATO troops
    would be deployed on Kosovo. That is something not only Milosevic
    and Serbian government is not ready to accept. For instance,
    I'm also not ready to accept NATO armed troops in Serbia. Why?


    Take a look at Bosnia. Can you see how "peace" supported by
    thousands of SFOR troops is functioning? Do you think that deploying

    30.000 NATO troops on Kosovo will make peace? Guarding "peace" 24h
    a day, 365 days a year, with armed and unlocked weapons? For how
    long? Until the end of the world? Nope! Not in Bosnia, not on
    not anywhere!

    So, Serbian government also signed that agreement, but before
    signing, it deleted NATO from it. It means, SERBIAN GOVERNMENT

>Why don't you stop to send your train to the borders?

    Serbia is not sending any trains to its borders. I would really
    like to know if it does? Where did you dig that information?

>Where are the kosovar men?
>only 10 % of men in the refugees : source HCR

    Who could know? Maybe fighting? Maybe hiding? Who could know!
    Not HCR, not CNN, not Serbian National TV, not anybody knows
    where they are or what they are doing right now.

>Why do you refuse journalist in Kosovo to clarify the situation?
>are the concentration camp existing or not?

    All real journalists are now in Yugoslavia and on Kosovo. If you
    count CNN's Christiane Amanpour into journalists, than you better
    take a journalism course. Journalism is about reporting from the
    scene of happenings, not offering your personal point of view.
    All those reporters, like Christiane Amanpour, are NOT ABLE to
    clarify the situation because they:

      a) don't know the history of Balkans
      b) don't know what is going on in Kosovo
      c) don't understand why things are happening in such way there.
      d) they have prejudices about Serbs
      e) given all of that, they write untrue and biased reports

    I'm not saying ALL journalists meet those criteria. Just those
    ones who are expelled. And just those reporters made a story
    about concentration camps. There was a story about concentration
    camp on a city stadium in Pristina. A day after that claim,
    many TV stations reported (with TV picture) there is nothing on
    this stadium. Not even one thing that would confirm that a large
    number of people stayed there for a long period of time.

    Any more questions?


            Slobodan Markovic   | http://solair.eunet.yu/~twiddle
            Internodium Project |

Valery Grancher

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