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        - It is KLA's duty to protect the people -

Prishtina, 15 November (ARTA) 1500 CET-
The last trend of events in Kosova are characterized with persistent
attacks of Serb military and police forces which resulted with the
killing, wounding, arresting and the kidnapping of many Albanians. These
actions have brought the situation to the brink of eruption with
probable chances of turning into a recurrent conflict with regional
repercussions. The political trends in Kosova are not in accord with the
needed level of responsibility.
Another disagreeable trend is the international community's negligence.
Thus, the KLA General Headquarters will make public the following

1. The Serb police and military forces did not stop provoking Albanians,
who were returning to their abandoned homes since the KLA General
Headquarters announced their decision for self-restraint.

They, on the contrary, planted mines in houses, gardens, and roads,
which resulted with the killing and wounding of several people. What is
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more, Serb criminals took advantage of KLA's restraint and ambushed
Albanians, as in the case of the Rahovec municipal village of Opterushë,
where five KLA soldiers were killed.

These are proofs that show that the regime in Belgrade is not complying
with the resolutions, decisions and agreements of the international
community and is putting doubt to our self-restraint. The situation is
becoming unbearable for our people, and that obliges the KLA to protect

2. The KLA General Headquarters is following with interest the events in
the political scene of Kosova. It expresses its concern for the
differences in the viewpoints of some political subjects who avoid
contacts and agreements on the platform of political and military
unification, as proposed by the KLA General Headquarters through its
political representative Adem Demaçi.

3. The KLA General Headquarters has always welcomed the initiatives of
the international community, especially of the USA, for the solution of
the Kosova problem. The KLA General Headquarters has in the past and
continues to be, ready to cooperate, as long as it goes in favor of a
just and permanent solution.

Yet, it expresses its concern with the comparison of KLA's liberation
struggle with the barbarian acts of Milosevic's criminals, as some
certain international circles are doing.

In conformity with the prevailing circumstances, we appeal to our
compatriots, regardless of their political, ideological, confessional
and regional pertinence, to support and help, by all means, our just
liberation struggle and contribute to:

"Homeland is in danger- homeland is calling", which started of on 14
November 1998 and will continue until 20 December 1998

Have you called your local newspapers and media to let
them know that there is genocide happening in Kosova?!
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