Andreas Baader on Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:30:30 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> (un)stuctured desire for noise

when you rewind the tape again and again to the piece
of the screaming girl that shits her longues out for 20 
seconds and let it play over and over and structure
will be taken over by an mechanical noise. Stop and rewind while
the screaming is still accuring and notice how  much the sound
starts to develope into an orgasm of -sqeeuzed togheter- grumbling,
grunting. The space between the rewinding can be called outer limits.
The silence of the no where

What happened? Scared/angry/dissalutioned/Obsessed/frustrated..........
It could be an obsession just to figure out what someone feels during
seconds of a lifetime. Is that curiosity? Emotions are the abillity to

Play all tapes just for a dousand of a second and record every piece,see how much
an eagles song can turn into an amazing soundscape. Play the tape and
and record it while doing the same thing you did before with another song
recording these two soundscapes at the same time. You can offcourse 
do this over and over and you here a blanket of unstructured chaotic noise
moving from the left speaker to the right and back again. But playing a tape for more then 5 minutes makes you noticing certain points of  compactness.

Grep an opera Compact Disc and play it underneath the (now) structured music
or if you want another mood some drum and bass beats. All of a 
sudden you can dance on the tape that was called noise. 

A nice result can be called the remix album from Einstuerzende neubauten.
While the original shape was starting to sound real "clean" some of the remixes got back to the roots of where they came from: no rhytms, no rhyming, noise
with a message. Not everything is the way  it could have been. Every 
oppinion about a song is different, every meaning about everything is different.

You can make every thought you have into a different thought. That goes for the music/chaos/noise/soundscapes as well

later Robert

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