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01 . Trace                  . frAme Online Journal of Culture and Technology
02 . Xavier                 . propos./repos. partie 2/6
03 .             . DEAF98: Why 2K? (Nov. 18th, 20.30-23.00)
04 .             . DEAF98 Symposium reservations - reminder
05 . fredrik snellman       . Info: MASS '98-Media Art Symposium Stockholm
06 . One Billy              . November 23 is Bag Day; also: FloodNet,
                              Terry Southern, RTMARK in Europe
07 . Le Monde diplomatique  . November 1998
08 . Eugene Thacker         . [techne]W3LAB
09 . Calin Dan              . Happy Doomsday!
10 . Ivo Skoric             . (Fwd) Haris Silajdzic is speaking
11 . Jamie King             . mute items
12 . KOGO                   . Project?

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From: Trace <>
Subject: frAme Online Journal of Culture and Technology
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 14:17:06 -0000

We are pleased to announce the release of the second issue of the
frAme Online Journal of Culture and Technology. Bringing together
critical text and web media . . .

In this issue:
Belinda Barnet questions hypertext's claim as a liberatory medium in
the face of the machine of capital.

Andrew Glikman examines post World War 2 cybernetic epistimologies and
their destructive simplification looking at figures such as Neumann,
Turing and Wiener.

Andy Oldfield takes a look at how mp3 pirating over the Internet is
having an effect on the thinking of major record labels.

Multimedia artists Lehan Ramsay and Yskw explore the theme of the

Carmin Karasic questions what the Pledge of Allegiance means for her
in "With Liberty and Justice for All".

Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez focus on the nature of the sexual
body across the net.

Ethics and virtual communities are considered by Jason Leary.
Mary Anne Breeze presents some interface poetics.

                      frAme is part of the trAce Online Writing

>trAce international online writing community
>Faculty of Humanities, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Lane,
>Nottingham NG11 8NS UK
>phone: ++ 44 (0)115 948 6360  fax: ++ 44 (0)115 948 6364

   ................................................................... 02

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 15:41:18 +0100
From: Xavier <>
Subject: propos./repos. partie 2/6

Bxl, le 8/11/98

mises à jour des textes et des photos, du site MazecorpŠ
Pages à voir à ces adresses:

>Merci pour vos réponses.
>Voici un texte, celui qui a retenu votre attention :
>vous trouverez ci-dessous la proposition de départ:
>>Bonjour, ben voici,
>>je vous propose de lire les textes présentés à ces add.:
>>après lecture de ces textes, je vous propose de me renvoyer ceux,celui,
>>selon qui aurait retenu votre attention.
>>Voilà l'objet principal de ce courrier.
>>a voir avec Netscape4.0 ou IE4.0

>Continuez à nous envoyer les textes de ce site qui ont retenu votre attention.


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 17:18:15 +0100
From: xleton <>
Subject: propos./repos. partie 3/6

Bxl, le 11/11/98


Voici la mise à jour des textes et des photos, du site Mazecorp…
Nouvelle adresse:
Voici une 'clef': ne retenez que les propositions.

   ................................................................... 03

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 19:35:44 +0200 (MET)
subject: DEAF98: Why 2K? (Nov. 18th, 20.30-23.00)

Dutch Electronic Art Festival DEAF98

Wednesday, 18 November, 20.30-23.00
Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam
NLG 12,50/7,50

Why 2K?

Two digits ignored by programmers and hardware designers have posed more
than a dilemma to a culture subservient to computers and their infallible
memory for numbers. Rather than include 19 before the year in the 20th
century, computational dates were indicated only by the last 2 digits. And
now, 14 months before the millennial clock ticks to a new century, the
'time bomb' looms ahead as what Paul Virilio calls 'the integral accident.'
'Y2K, probably the most ominous logo, the most threatening symbol to human
life, since E=MC2.' (Alistair Cooke)

Why 2K? - an evening about the millenium bug, and how to survive it.
Computer experts, accident pilots, political advisors and creative
technologists present, discuss and question the phenomenon that is testing
the controllability of digital technologies, fuelling apocalyptic fears,
conspiracy theories, survivalism and the hope for creativity in the face of


- Daniel Ockeloen (NL), IT-expert at the Dutch VPRO broadcasting service,
explains some technical aspects of the problem and questions the way it is
currently discussed.

- Michel Knops (NL) has struggled with the bug in practice. His company,
Berenschot Informatica, did several pilot projects for the Dutch Millennium

- Hans Nijman (NL) is the Head of Information Policy and Y2K project
manager for the City Government of Rotterdam. He is particularly concerned
about the dangers lurking in the Rotterdam harbour and the industry
surrounding the city.

- Simon Davies (UK), technology critic and privacy advocate, Visiting
Fellow in the Computer Security Research Centre of the London School of
Economics, is currently writing a book about political strategies of
tackling and denying the Y2K problem.

- Perry Hoberman (US), media artist who builds interactive installations
that make use of the unpredictabilities of human behaviour and technology.

The evening is hosted by Timothy Druckrey (US), curator and media-theorist.

Creative interventions and disruptions can be expected from the Institute
of Affordable Lunacy - IBW (NL).


Newsgroup on the theme -
Y2K survival tips on
Ed Yourdon, writer of TimeBomb 2000 -
Pessimistic Link list gathered by Gary North -
Millennium Platform -
Information in Dutch -

Institute of Affordable Lunacy - IBW -

There are those who say it is nonsense
and those who have developed extensive survival plans

'Most of your friends and relatives will think you've lost your mind;
they will not want to think about Year 2000 survival. They may listen to
you and some of them will agree that Y2K could be a fairly serious problem,
but the chances of their actually doing anything about it are very slim. Of
course, when the power goes off and stays off, or when bank runs destroy
the banking system, or when the cities become real war zones, they'll
change their tune about Y2K; but then it'll be too late. What will you do
if they show up hungry and cold at your door?'

Further information -

   ................................................................... 04

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 19:41:43 +0200 (MET)
subject: DEAF98 Symposium reservations - reminder


In order to secure a seat for the DEAF98 Symposium we advise everybody who
wants to participate and who has not done so yet, to make a reservation as
soon as possible. The conference hall has a limited capacity, and more than
half of the 200 seats have already been reserved.

Below you will find the basic information and contact addresses once again.

With best wishes,



DEAF98 Symposium

Friday 20 November - Saturday 21 November , 1998
Morning Session:10.00 - 13.00
Afternoon Session: 14.00 - 18.00
Conference Hall, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Museumpark 20
3015 CX Rotterdam


FRIDAY 20 November:
- Marcos Novak (USA): architect, writer, one of the first to take a step in
- Otto E. Roessler (D): scientist, is developing Endophysics as a  science
of the world as interface
- N. Katherine Hayles (USA): historian, has published widely about
experiences and the fate of the body in cyberspace
- Perry Hoberman (USA): media artist, inventor of playful and
accident-happy multi-user media art installations
- Greg Lynn (USA): architect, writer of 'Animate Form' and 'Folds, Bodies
and Blobs'

SATURDAY 21 November:
- Lars Spuybroek (NL): architect, building without horizon, where walking
and falling are entangled
- Knowbotic Research(D/A): artist group who build experimental network
interfaces for translocal urban environments
- Brian Massumi (AUS): philosopher, translator of Deleuze & Guattari's
'Thousand Plateaus' and theorist of a new topology of events
- Steve Mann (CND): artist, walks around with a camera, putting his
environment online on the internet
- Detlef Linke (D): neurologist, published several texts on ethics, coma,
brain death, personality and brain chips

- Bart Lootsma (NL): architectual theorist, historian, writer



Please fill out this form and return by mail, fax or e-mail asap.
(forms also available on web-site:

Dutch Electronic Art Festival
P.O. Box 19049
3001 BA Rotterdam
phone: ++31-(0)10-2067275
fax: ++31-(0)10-2067271

Title/ Position:
ZIP Code:


       		Standard Fee	Students Fee (please send copy of student pass)
20 November	0 NLG 75		0 NLG 50
21 November	0 NLG 75		0 NLG 50
Both days		0 NLG 125		0 NLG 90
(please tick appropriate boxes)
(incl. V.A.T.; NLG 100 is approximately US $ 55)

Please transfer the required fee to
bank name: Postbank
account number: 245 38 96
account holder: Stichting V2_, P.O. Box 19049, 3001 Rotterdam
Swift Code: INGBNL2A
In the name of DEAF98 Symposium
Upon receipt of your registration fee we will send you a confirmation.

Registration and cash payment are also possible at the central festival
desk at Bonheur, Eendrachtsstraat 81, Rotterdam from November 17 - 19.

You can collect your entry ticket and symposium papers at the symposium
registration desk at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen on 20 November (Friday)
and 21 November (Saturday).

The DEAF98 festival book contains 256 pages of texts, interviews,
descriptions and images. It offers a theoretical foundation to the
symposium and a synthesizing approach toward practice, criss-crossing
between the other intersecting parts of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival.

Special pre-order offer for Symposium participants:
0 .......(amount of books) at NLG 45,- (limited edition)



For further information regarding registration, please contact:

Juno Nimis
DEAF98, Dutch Electronic Art Festival
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: ++31.10.2067272
fax: ++31.10.2067271

DEAF98, Dutch Electronic Art Festival 17 - 29 november 1998

   ................................................................... 05

Date: 09 Nov 98 14:44:14 +0100
From: fredrik snellman <>
Subject: Info: MASS '98-Media Art Symposium Stockholm

MASS =9298 =96 Media Art Symposium Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden, December 7-11

MASS '98 =96 Media Art Symposium Stockholm takes place during five days in =
December. MASS '98 includes a three-day symposium with internationally =
renowned scholars, critics, curators and artists; two days of intensive =
workshops; presentations of leading media art organisations.
	The symposium is organised under three themes: Media, Distribution
and =
Reception; exploring the production practices of new media, the =
distribution requirements and possibilities of new media technology, and =
the challenges new media technology makes on art and society. =
	Leading artists, curators and researchers in interdisciplinary fields =
will lecture on such topics as Art and Interactivity, the History of Media =
Arts, Immersive Technologies, New Media Technology and Museology, Curating =
Media Art, Art on CD-ROM, the Sociology of  Technology, Hypertext. There =
will be intensive workshops in Radio on the Internet, Curating on the =
Internet, Curating Media Art and Non-Linear Storytelling.  In the evenings =
there will be guest presentations by the leading international organisation=
s Ars Electronica, Linz, ZKM/Zentrum Fur Kunst Und Medietechnologie, =
Karlsruhe, ICC/Intercommunication Center, Tokyo and CAIIA/Centre for =
Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, Wales.

Roy Ascott =
Dir. and founder of CAIIA/Center for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive =
Media: =94History of Media Arts=94

Tony Bennett
Curator; writer; Professor, Open University, UK
Distribution: =94New Museology=94
Wiebe E Bijker =
Prof. & Dir. of Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and =
Modern culture =
Reception: =94Sociology of Technology=94

Char Davies
Immersive technology artist
Media: =94Immersive Technologies =96 A presentation of Osmose and =
Timothy Druckrey =
Independent critic, curator and writer
Distribution: =94Challenges and Developments=94

Anne-Marie Duguet =
Director of the Sorbonne Center of Aesthetic Research of Cinema and =
Audiovisual Arts
Media: =94Video=94
Lars O Ericsson
Critic; Professor, Dept. of Philosophy,
Stockholm University =
Reception: =94Aesthetics=94

Erkki Huhtamo =
Professor of Media studies at the University =
of Lappland =
Distribition: =94Curating=94

Martin Jay
Writer; Professor, Dept. of History, UCLA
Reception: =94Vision & History=94
Heidi Grundmann
Editor of Austrian Kunstradio =96 Radiokunst
Media: =94Radio=94

Perry Hoberman =
Installation and performance artist; teacher at School of Visual Arts, New =
Media: =94Art & Interactivity=94

Hans Peter Schwarz =
Director of ZKM Media Museum Karlsruhe =
Distribution: =94Media museum=94

Astrid Sommer
Editor of Artintact  CD-ROM magazine,  ZKM Center for Art & Media
Distribution: =94Art on CD-ROM=94

Jennifer Terry
Ph. D. in History of Consciousness, UCLA
Reception: =94Gender/Technology=94
Benjamin Weil
=C4da Web-gallery; Dir. of New Media, ICA, London
Distribution: =94Exhibiting on the Net=94

Programme 7- 11 december

Symposium =
Monday 7 December: Media
The first day of the symposium explores developments in the production =
practises of media art. Topics include: History of Media Art, Immersive =
Technologies, Video, Radio, Hypertext, Art and Interactivitity.
Tuesday 8 December: Distribution
The second day addresses the challenges new media technology places on the =
traditional institutions and distribution channels for art. Topics include:=
 Challenges and Developments of Media Art, Exhibitions on the Internet, =
Curating Media Art, Museology and New Media Technology, and Art on CD-ROM.
Wednesday 9 December: Reception
The final day of the symposium explores the effects new media technology =
has on aesthetics, vision, politics, place and science. Topics include: =
Vision and History, Gender and Technology, Architecture, Aesthetics, =
Politics and New Media Technology, the Sociology of Technology.

Thursday 10 December: Radio on the Internet
Taking Austrian KUNSTRADIO as a point of departure, this workshop will =
cover the potential of radio on the Internet.
Conductor: Heidi Grundmann
Thursday 10 December: Curating on the Internet
How does the Net differ from the museum? What is the role of the curator =
in curating on the Internet? What are the new problems/new opportunities?
Conductor:  Not yet confirmed

Friday 11 December: Curating Media Art
Can traditional institutions handle the economic and technical aspects of =
media art; can media art be confined within the limits of traditional art =
Conductor: Timothy Druckrey

Friday 11 December: Non-Linear Storytelling
How does new technology influence storytelling? What narrative structures =
are enabled by crossing literature with technology? What are the platforms =
of production and distribution for hypertext writing?
Conductor: Not yet confirmed

Presentations & Exhibition
Presentations of major international media centers. Open to the public. =
7 Dec: ZKM/Zentrum Fur Kunst Und Medietechnologie, Karlsruhe
8 Dec: Ars Electronica, Linz
9 Dec: CAIIA/Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, Wales
10 Dec: ICC/Intercommunication Center, Tokyo
MASS =9198 will be accompanied by an exhibition of media art. Open to the =

Time & Place
7 =96 11 Dec 1998	=
Symposium: 10:00 =96 17:15 =
Workshops: 10:00 =96 12:00 and 14:00 =9616:00 =
Presentations: 18:00 =96 20:00 =
Lunch: 12:00
MASS '98 will take place at Heaven Conference Center in central Stockholm (=
Kungsgatan 65) =

Fill in the application form and send it by mail or fax to:
MASS '98, Stockholm =96 Cultural Capital of Europe 1998, =
Box 16398, SE-103 27 Stockholm, Sweden =
Fax: +46-8-698 19 99
Applications can also be made through our Web-site:
Group reservations: contact MASS '98. =
The application is valid when the application fee is paid. You will =
recieve a confirmation when the application fee is registered on our =
account.	=
Sweden: PG 439 04 26=967 =
Foreign:	Payments should be made to our account with =
	SWIFT-address: PG SISESS =
	Account holder: Stockholm=96Europas Kulturhuvudstad 1998
	Account number: 439 04 26=967
Please write the name of the applicants and state that the payment =
concerns =
MASS '98. =

Payments must be made before 20 November. =

Application fee =
Symposium =
3 days: 2750.=96 SEK /pers. =
1 day: 1500.=96 SEK/pers.
Students: =
3 days: 500.=96 SEK/pers. (student applications must be accompanied by  =
Fees include entrance to the symposium, presentations, exhibition, lunches =
and coffee.

Workshops  =
625.=96 SEK /pers. for each workshop
300.=96 SEK/pers. for each workshop (student applications must be =
accompanied by  motivation). =
Lunch is not included. The number of participants for the workshops are =
limited. Do not make payment until you have received a confirmation.

For participants requiring accomodation in Stockholm during the event, =
MASS '98 recommends Hotellcentralen, +46 -8-789 24 25, for advance =
reservations of hotel rooms in Stockholm (free of charge). The average =
price for hotel rooms is 1000.=96 SEK/night. =
MASS '98 will arrange with reservations of hotel rooms if bookings is made =
before 14 November. Use the enclosed "Hotel Service" form.

Further information
MASS '98, Stockholm =96 Cultural Capital of Europe
Box 16398, SE-103 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46-8-698 1998, Fax: +46-8-698 1999 (release in November)

MASS '98 Organisational Staff
Carin Fischer: President and Secretary General
Beate Sydhoff: Program Director
Bo-Erik Gyberg: Programme Coordinator Film/IT/Media =
Anette Ericsson: Programme Secretary IT/Media
Johan Abrahamsson: Project Manager Media Art
Fredrik Snellman: Producer MASS '98
Anna-Sofia Axelsson: Project Assistant
MASS '98 Initiators and Programme Consultants:
Helene Bostr=F6m & Janet Colletti

The language for the symposium is English.
The programme is subject to change.

   ................................................................... 06

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:57:44 -0800 (PST)
From: One Billy <>
Subject: November 23 is Bag Day; also: FloodNet, Terry Southern, RTMARK in

This NON-COMMERCIAL press release has entered your box because you
subscribed to our mailing list, are associated with a news service, or have
demonstrated an interest in subversion. We sincerely apologize if you find
this service unpleasant; write and we will never send
you mail again.

(see also additional items below main release)
November 10, 1998

Contacts: RTMARK (
          American Booksellers Assocation
          Friends United (,

Destruction of neighborhoods by corporate chains is target of bag-wearing

AUSTIN - A nationwide coalition that includes recording artists
Negativland, the estate of Terry Southern, and others is declaring November
23 to be "Bag Day," and asking that at noon on that day, people all over
the U.S. protest the homogenizing and destructive effects of corporate
chains, by browsing in Barnes & Noble bookstores--with paper bags on their

RTMARK is channeling $1200 in anonymous donations to aid with promotion of
Bag Day. RTMARK has helped sponsor two other mass-action protests, both
tremendously successful: last April's Phone In Sick Day, which was deemed
responsible for the "sickout" of 80% of the Irish police force, and
September's Zapatista FloodNet, which the Pentagon called "immoral" and
attempted unsuccessfully to repel, and which the FBI called an example of
"worldwide electronic insurrection" (another FloodNet action, also
sponsored by RTMARK, is scheduled for November 22; see below). For press
reports on these and other RTMARK actions, see

The choice of Barnes & Noble as Bag Day's primary target is due in part to
a lawsuit filed in March by the American Booksellers Association along with
two dozen independently-owned bookstores. The lawsuit contends that the
enormously successful chain, whose legal worth has nearly doubled in the
past year, has "engaged in a pattern and practice of soliciting, inducing,
and receiving secret, discriminatory, and illegal terms from publishers and
distributors," and that much of the chain's expansion "can only be
profitable if the chains receive illegal deals and existing independent
booksellers are driven out of the marketplace." (See for more on this lawsuit.)

The broader purpose of Bag Day is to call attention to similar behavior by
other corporate chains that results in the destruction of small businesses,
and with them the individuality and character of whole neighborhoods (see
for example The bag is also meant to be
evocative of the Old West bandit's stereotypical facial covering; November
23 is Billy the Kid's putative birthday, and bag-wearers will be known as
"billies" to commemorate this figure who primarily attacked corporate
entities that had stepped out of line.

The idea for this national protest was conceived and launched by an
Austin-based activist group ( In recent
weeks, many other groups and individuals have joined in to help promote the
event, including recording artists Negativland, the estate of Terry
Southern, Alt-X/Black Ice, the AK Press, the Church of the SubGenius, and

For more background, please see: (above suit against B&N) (related issue) (Dept. of Justice
             inquiry into B&N; includes models for letters to Janet Reno) (another suit against B&N) (RTMARK press page) (Friends United) (corporate monitors) (corporate monitors) (RTMARK video)

RTMARK was established in 1991 to further anti-corporate activism, often by
channelling funds from donors to workers for the sabotage of corporate
products. Recent and upcoming acts of RTMARK-aided subversion are
documented on RTMARK's web site,


November 22 marks another RTMARK-sponsored Zapatista FloodNet action, this
one directed against the School of the Americas, which has trained
top-level members of the Mexican Army who have subsequently played a key
role in the "low-intensity conflict" in the States of Chiapas, Guerrero,
and Oaxaca. Simultaneously but independently, the School of the Americas
Watch ( will conduct a civil disobedience action at
the school itself.


Managed by Dr. Strangelove co-author Terry Southern's son, founded on the
third anniversary of the author's death (October 29), The Magic Christian
Fund commemorates the first culture-jamming literary hero, Grand Guy Grand.
See for more on this newest addition to
RTMARK's family of funds, and watch that space for two more funds coming


RTMARK representatives will be speaking in Stuttgart and Berlin in
mid-January. If you would like to arrange a speaking engagement in the
area, please write

   ................................................................... 07

Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 13:05:53 +0100
From: Le Monde diplomatique <>
Subject: November 1998

                                                    LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE

                          Le Monde diplomatique

                             english edition

                              November 1998


  The politics of hunger *

      by Ignacio Ramonet

     The total wealth of the world's three richest individuals is
     greater than the combined GDP of the 48 poorest countries - a
     quarter of all the world's states. And the gap is growing. Yet
     famine can often be prevented: hunger has become a strategy
     deliberately pursued with unbelievable cynicism by some
     governments and military regimes.

                                            Translated by Barry Smerin


  Collapse of the Russian state

      by Moshe Lewin

     The figures for September show that 44.4 million Russians are
     living below the poverty line. Twice as many as this time last
     year. And the trial of Aleksandr Nikitin, the retired submarine
     commander accused of treason for exposing the danger of nuclear
     pollution in the Barents Sea, reveals the scale of the
     environmental disaster. President Yeltsin's state of health seems
     to symbolise the country's overall dilapidation, to which his
     regime has largely contributed. Will the new government led by
     Yevgeny Primakov be able to get the economy back on its feet? And
     restore the authority of the state, whose role has been crucial
     in the century-long process of Russia's modernisation?

                                            Translated by Barry Smerin


  Painful transition for Russia's intellectuals

      by Claude Frioux

     Tolstoy, Mayakovsky, Gorky, Ehrenburg, Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov...
     Throughout Russia's history from the last days of the Tsars to
     the end of communism, via the October Revolution and Stalinism,
     intellectuals have raised their voices and often influenced the
     course of events. So their silence since the fall of the Soviet
     Union is all the more deafening. It has a lot to do with the drop
     in living standards - and a historic distrust of politicians. But
     at last there are signs of a reawakening.

                                                Translated by Ed Emery


  Turmoil in the banks

  LTCM, a fund above suspicion *

  Hedge funds

      by Ibrahim Warde

     The Japanese government's October announcement that it intended
     to spend $500 billion on bank nationalisation was enough to send
     the Nikkei index soaring to one of its highest levels this year.
     Faced with the failure of some of the country's most prestigious
     banks, the markets welcomed the intervention of a state they had
     roundly condemned a bare six months earlier. This is a genuine
     emergency. Serious reverses suffered by some hedge funds are
     threatening the banks that rashly lent them the wherewithal to
     try their luck in the great money-go-round. And the taxpayer, who
     had no part in the winnings, is now welcome to help bail out the

                                          Translated by Barbara Wilson

  The end of Japan Inc?

      by Frédéric F. Clairmont

     Replacing Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto with Keizo Obuchi
     (another leading figure in the Liberal Democratic Party) last
     July has done little to prevent Japan lurching towards the rocks
     and taking its trading partners with it. In the Asia-Pacific
     region the inner workings of the capitalist system have been
     bared to the world more spectacularly than at any time since the
     Great Depression of the 1930s. For Tokyo, there is the risk that
     the carefully constructed myth of "Japan Inc" could well fall

                                                Translated by Ed Emery


  Mexico's new guerrillas *

  Who's who *

      by Maurice Lemoine

     Instead of implementing the San Andres accords signed on 16
     February 1996 with the Zapatista National Liberation Army,
     President Ernesto Zedillo has reneged on his undertakings, formed
     death squads and militarised Chiapas - causing the death of over
     100 people in two years. And he has followed the same policy in
     Mexico's other southern states where poverty and repression are
     making people more radical - in particular Guerrero.

                                       Translated by Malcolm Greenwood


  Eating away at Palestine

      by Geoffrey Aronson

     The Wye Plantation agreement wrung out of Binyamin Netanyahu and
     Yasser Arafat after a marathon round of negotiations is mainly a
     rehash of unkept Israeli promises: an airport and port for Gaza,
     the release of Palestinian political prisoners, redeployment.
     Even if the agreement sticks, Palestinian sovereignty would only
     extend to less than 20% of the West Bank - a bad omen for final
     status talks. And all the while - day after day, mile after mile
     - the settlement project grinds quietly on.

                                              Original text in English


  Repression and drug trafficking

  A quiet coup *

  The Karen's last stand?

      by André and Louis Boucaud

     To make it sound better, Burma's military government has renamed
     its governing body: the State Law and Order Council (Slorc) has
     become the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). In July
     1997 Burma was admitted to ASEAN, which aims to counter China's
     growing influence in Burma. But the regime is still just as
     dictatorial, refusing to make any concessions to the opposition,
     especially its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. The various ethnic
     minorities still face repression - unless they surrender, in
     which case some of their warlords are given a free hand to carry
     on their drug trafficking activities.

                                              Translated by Lorna Dale

  Dismantling Yugoslavia

  Kosovo file *

      by Catherine Samary

     Belgrade's take-over of the autonomous province of Kosovo nine
     years ago was the first blow to the system of constitutional
     balances inherited from the Tito era and marked the rise to power
     of Slobodan Milosevic. The second was the constitutional change
     to the status of Serbs in the Croatian Republic after Franjo
     Tudjman's election as president of Croatia in 1990. The third was
     the secession of Slovenia and Croatia, followed by the outbreak
     of wars of ethnic cleansing in Croatia and then
     Bosnia-Herzegovina. Now the murderous onslaught of the Serbian
     militia in Kosovo has opened another new chapter in the
     disintegration of Yugoslavia.

                                            Translated by Barry Smerin

        English language editorial director: Wendy Kristianasen


     (*) Star-marked articles are available to every reader. Other
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Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 19:02:44 +0000
From: Eugene Thacker <>
Subject: [techne]W3LAB

[techne]W3LAB: works-in-progress/works-in-process

W3LAB announcement :: BETA-TEST

The [techne]W3LAB is an online installation of work devoted to the web
(web-based projects, networking experiments, performance, software
design, VRML, etc.), and will include a range of projects by an
international group of digital artists, as well as a "hyper.theory"
section of texts by contemporary theorists of electronic culture.

This exhibit is being presented through an organization affiliated with
the Program in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University called
[techne]. Established in 1997, [techne] has held multimedia events,
performances, and lectures (including Mark Amerika, The Poool, and
Floating Point Unit) on the Rutgers University campus. The purpose of
this online show is to foster awareness of the variety and complexity of
selected works on the web.

The show will run in two phases:

Phase I (fall 1998) will be a beta-test preview, and will be
communicated to the digital community via mailing lists and other
information services. It will focus primarily on web-based works.

Phase II (winter 1999) will be communicated to academic and art-based
networks and institutions, and will coincide with the annual Program in
Comparative Literature conference at Rutgers University, at which time
the show will be "installed" during the conference, along with
multimedia and networking performances. The conference, whose theme this
year is "New World (dis)Orders: Globalization, Culture, Identity," will
take place in late February, and will attract a multidisciplinary group
of theorists from around the globe. This phase will place equal focus on
web-based works and performance/performative works which make use of the

Both phases will include ongoing discussions and distributions of issues
through the [techne] website
[], as well as other online
nodes such as Rhizome [], Alt-X [], and the
show "The Shock of the View"
presented by the Walker Arts Center.

W3LAB participants include :: :: Mark Amerika & Jay Dillemuth, Diane Bertolo, Sawad Brooks &
Beth Stryker, Heath Bunting, Contempt Productions (to be confirmed), Vuk
Cosic, Critical Art Ensemble, DhalgrenMOO, Disinformation, Ricardo
Dominquez & Zhanga, Fakeshop, Floating Point Unit, i/o 360, I/O/D, Oz
Lubling, --meta--, Robbin Murphy, Nikolas, Thomas Noller, plumb design,
Post-Tool (to be confirmed), Erwin Redl, James Roven, Alexi Shulgin,
Yoshi Sodeoka, Eugene Thacker, Helen Thorington & Marianne Petit & John
Neilson, Annette Weintraub, Arianne Wortzel.

hyper.theory :: Mark Amerika, Sawad Brooks, Steve Dietz, Kathy Rae
Huffman, I/O/D, Douglas Kellner, Arthur & Marilouise Kroker, Geert
Lovink, Lev Manovich, David Porush, Mark Poster, Rhizome, Steve Shaviro,
VNS Matrix.

For more info see the [techne] website at
or contact Eugene Thacker at

For info on the "Globalization" conference

[techne]W3LAB: works-in-progress/works-in-process

   ................................................................... 09

Date:  Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:32:13 +0100
From: (Calin Dan)
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  Happy Doomsday!


HD! is an art environment using the conventions of computer games. and
reflecting on the culture of war as seen from Europe at the threshold
between historic and post-historic times. The project was first presented
at the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, September 07-10, 1998), with a
single user prototype; and will be part of DEAF (Rotterdam, November 17-29,
1998), with a two users installation.

1. General. HD! is an installation with 2 fitness machines connected to a
media system. The installation interfaces to a multi users 3d environment,
which is a simulator of the European war history based on the political map
of the continent. Through workout the users are given an instrument to
induce dynamic changes of the borders, and also to navigate in spaces
presenting warfare as a set of narratifs.

2. Game set-up. Before starting to play, the users make 2 options on a
touch screen.
User 1:
a. avatar (any political unit that the user wants to represent);
b. target (any political unit that the user aims at conquering).
User 2:
a. avatar (any, except the avatar of User 1);
b. target (either the avatar or the target of User 1).

3. Navigation.
a. Tactical level: a 3d map of Europe, with the countries designed as
autonomous objects, separated by emphasized borders.
b. Exploration level: same as bove, but perceived from a ground prospective
and populated with objects and events setting the environment for war
c. Adventure level - a system of dungeons containing narrative threads
based on war related issues (money, media, natural resources, technology

4. Hardware interface. The fitness machines are set at a low level of
weight in order to allow extended work out; they are interfaced with the
computers through sensors reading the movements of each respective user.
The machines are designed in order to perform the function of a joy pad,
allowing the player to:
- influence the war procedures (work out increases the surface of the avatar);
- navigate in real time at and within all levels of the HD! environment.
- perform tasks connected to war games routine (shooting, hitting, bouncing).

5. Interaction. The users are involved with each other directly, by the
behavior of the avatars at the tactical level, and by the mediated action
of helpers, agents and weapons at the other two levels. The set of rules
which determine the game resolution are as follows:
- tactical level provides direct response to the work out by the
increase/decrease of the avatars/target;
- ground level requires a correct navigation towards the target;
- dungeons level offers a set of opportunities to perform direct aggression
on the content of the game (destruction of textures, geometries, light
A good performance in all those aspects will respond in the increase of the
respective avatar until it takes over the target.

With a graphic and sound environments redesigning samples from art history,
military history, science, media, folklore, pop culture etc.,
HD! is a metaphor based war machine, and also a game about game playing.

The production of HD! was possible due to the support of V2_Institute for
Unstable Media; V2_Lab; Mondriaan Stichting; Prins Bernhard Fonds; Ars
Electronica Center; Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst.

   ................................................................... 10

From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 23:47:32 +0000
Subject: (Fwd) Haris Silajdzic is speaking

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

Hope you'll all come to hear Haris speaking.  Admission is free.

Haris Silajdzic, Co-Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-
Herzegovina will speak on "The Dayton Peace Accords: A Three Year Anniversary
Perspective", on
 Wednesday, November 18, 1998, at 6:00 p.m., at Columbia University, Kellogg
Conference Center, Room 1501 International Affairs Building, School of
International and Public Affairs, 420 West 118th Street, New York, NY 10027.

For Information and RSVP: phone (212) 854-5623, fax: (212) 854-6171

-----End of forwarded message-----

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From: "Jamie King" <>
Subject: mute items
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 16:03:48 -0000


Mute is gestating a piece about *artists and biotech*.  Currently in the
mix: Heath Bunting's declaration of the bankruptcy of  cyberspace at a
London CyberSaloon; CAE's _Flesh Machine_  and the similar sentiments
expressed therein; analyses of their work, as well as  that of of Mongrel
and Natalie Jerimejenko. Asking, as always, the obvious  questions: is that
it for the Internet, then, now that those nasty masses are  starting to get
a look-in ? If brown's the new black, then is Biotech the new  brown? And
just whose clothes is the emperor hankering after _this_ time?     Anyone
with any work they would like to add to  the Mute-based melange should
email the daddy of the piece, J.J. King: Likewise
those who have  something to say about this business, either in the general
or the particular: -  we'll mix it up, drop it in, mongrel all the way.Oops
- there goes the  neighbourhood.  

Please send items for art news to N.B., watch the
following  dates: Mute 12 comes out on 18/12/98 - no items that happen
before this date  please. Maximum 50-60 words.

      ------ thanks - Mute    

   ................................................................... 12

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:10:22 -0600
From: (KOGO)
Subject: Project?

Please answer or trample our Questions

2-131 Hinodecho Nakaku Yokohama Kanagawa Japan
12/19~ 1/10 only fri to sunday (1/1,2,3 close)$B!!(J Tel Japan 060 667 5586

Takuji Kogo
Valery Grancher
Rainer Ganahl

Are you alive?

Do you think your mind is your own?

What is your first memory?

Do you believe in God/ Gods?

Are your parents still alive?

Where do you feel music?

Do you have a secret to share?

                                                G.H. Hovagimyan

do you think the posessive marker you is to soft or unprecise?

have you ever thought about the relationship between memory and mind?

don`t you have any better things to ask?

how can a secret be a secret if you key it in here?

                                                  Rainer Ganahl

What do you feel ?

Do you know what I'm looking like ?

How old am I ?

a girl, a boy or both ?

What do you think ?

                                                 Valery Grancher

Why did you phone today?

to alive ?

or for pleasure?

to get someone's consent?

or for harassment?

Why will you phone again?

                                                      Takuji Kogo

Do you know me ?

How do you know me ?

Do you love me ?

Why do you/don't you love me ?


If,  if it's yours, it is not you
if it is not you, it is not yours
Then if it's yours, it's not yours

What is it?

If,  if it's yours, it is not you
if it is not you, it is not yours
Then if you are you, you are not you.

Who are you?

If,  if it's yours, it is not you
if it is not you, it is not yours
Then if yours are yours, yours are not yours.

What can you steal?

Takuji KOGO

What do you do?

Why do you do it?

When do you do it?

How do you do it?

Where do you do it?

Can we do it too?

Are we the same?

How are we the same?

If not the same how do we differ?

Aren't we all the same?

Aren't we equal?

Do you equal me?

Who do you love?

Do you love yourself?

How can you do what you do?

G. H. Hovagimyan

We'll put new questions with answers

Thank you

Takuji KOGO

candy factory

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