Yael Kanarek on Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:31:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Travelers log 987/0

Traveler's log 987/0


Guess what? A desert turned into a flourishing field of
dinosaur computer components. I bet you that this is the
legendary VOCC*.  If I wasn't so sure I was alive, I would
surely think I was in heaven. Spreading over miles around me,
I was looking at screens, keyboards, chips, resistors and
hard-drives of any kind you can think of. I have counted over
1,000,002 LED's, blue ones too, and all brand names.
I walked on processors, cables in any length and adapters
of various kinds. The highlight, of course, was a trashed
Silicon Dimensions workstation. You understand, of course,
the incredible value of this find. Though most of these items
were severely damaged by the weather, lying there on the ground
in front of me was the history of the Information Age.
I can't even imagine where to start. Oh, oh, oh pirate's life for me!

After I caught my breath I decided to take care of the
software that was hanging on dead tree trunks,
rocks and hardware. You know its softness
demands a careful hand. Retrieving as gently as I could,
I plugged myself in and sucked on them, sucked their brains
out--graphic applications, data bases, word processors,
3D modeling, I found a whole library of CD-ROM,
270 sharewares and 207,850 different typefaces (fonts) + all
versions of Netscape.  Oh, oh, oh pirate's life for me!

I saw the inscription: MICROSOFT, several times but I
couldn't quite put it together. I think it might be another
piece of information that is lost forever.
Oh, oh, oh pirate's life for me!

Yours forever yours
your sunset/sunrise 4ever yours
yours 4ever yours

*Valley of Old Computer Components.



 *    [yours 4ever]
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