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<nettime> Internet investment trends

I live in San Jose, and I still read the paper version of the newspaper.  I
have what newspaper publishers call "the newspaper habit."  This Sunday
morning I padded outside about 7 a.m. and got the paper, opened it to the
business section and browsed the long list of high tech investments made by
venture capital firms here in Silicon Valley.

Between July and September 1998, start-up businesses received more than
$1.25 billion. Here is a sampling of the kinds of Internet investments that
might find their way into your home or business or school in the next year
or so. Or this might be the last you hear of them... has some of the articles, but not the table of investments
from which I gleaned this sampling.  There were 59 Internet-related
investments and 42 telecomms start-ups plus computers, semi-conductors,
bio-tech, and software.

Accrue: software for analysis of Internet traffic and user behavior customer relationship software
E-loan: online mortgage brokerage service
E-stamp: Internet-based purchasing and printing of postage stamps
Liquid Audio: software for publishing music via the Internet
RapidAutoNet: E-commerce products for the automotive aftermarket
Semio: Java-based text mining for the Internet
Total Entertainment: Online 'gaming' service Free Internet calendar and event service
Talk City: More funds for an Internet chat site. Run by a former Apple
employee who ran eWorld, an AOL-like service he thought would crush the

Of course there are investments being made in other places (Munich, Taiwan,
Singapore, Tel Aviv, Cambridge UK, etc) but it's sobering to think how the
single county where I live is responsible for so much of the future
technology for the Internet.

Steve Cisler
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