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Re: <nettime> No Watershed Without Access

Looking even further ahead (to 2010) the Internet will still not be a 'mass
market' compared to radio or TV. Roger Rusch, head of TelAstra presented
these figures at a Dec. 97 Multimedia via Satellite conference in Seattle,
Washington.  The study was done for the European Satellite Agency. Of
course, all are estimates:

Total % of world using the Internet: 3.2 to 5.3% or 234 to 390 million out
of 7,302,000,000 people in 2010.
By income level:

high: 20-30%     of 1,090,000,000
upper middle: 2-6% of 662,000,000
lower middle: .2 to 1 % of 1.450,000,000
low income: .01 to .2% of 4,100,000,000

cited in DDT Consulting's <> 1998 report on "Internet via

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