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Re: <nettime> Oliver Marchart: Greetings from Neutopia

I enjoyed Marchart's piece on Neutopia. One correction:
Dave Hughes never claimed to have invented NAPLPS. It dates from the early
80's and was developed with the help of companies like ATT, Xerox, Texas
Instruments and IEEE. It was used in public access sites in San Francisco,
Toronto, Honolulu, in the 80's and early 90's. Hughes was a tireless
promoter of this video standard until he turned his attention to certain
wireless technologies. <>
has more info on this standard.

I'm not sure whether it is Hedlund or Marchart makes the comment that the
technology was simple and "obviously suited for 'natives' " Judging from the
tone of Marchart's essay, I am guessing that he infers that from the
article.  While Hughes is very opinionated (and I have been acquainted with
him for 10 years) I never observed that he thought that American Indians
could not handle complex technology. Hughes was used to funkier interfaces
and programs that many others would not embrace, and the NAPLPS applications
I tried were like that. He expected a lot of the people he evangelized.

Steve Cisler
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