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Re: <nettime> Kurt Vonnegut's address to MIT graduates (fwd)

	uh, this is a hoax...

check out http://www.wired.com/news/news/culture/story/5762.html


'Vonnegut Speech' Circulates on Net

Dan Mitchell 6:13pm 4.Aug.97.PDT A copy of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s recent MIT
commencement address made heavy email rotation on Friday. The
characteristically pithy, funny, thoughtful speech was passed from friend
to friend stamped with such comments as "worth a read" and "check this out
- it's great."  And it was great. Trouble is, it wasn't Vonnegut's. "Kurt
Vonnegut Jr. had never given a commencement address at MIT," said Robert
Sales, associate director of the school's news office. 

It turns out the "speech" was actually a column penned by the Chicago
Tribune's Mary Schmich. The column ran on 1 June - five days before UN
Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered the actual commencement address at
MIT. That speech "was a lot longer and maybe not as clever" as the
purported Vonnegut address, Sales said. 

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