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<nettime> Hystory-Art

Szacsva y P=E1l

History-Art -- A Mirror to Art History=20

History art was born from nostalgia for the origins -- when history
existed through art (cave art) and not the other way round.=20

The ambition of art history is to frame the reality of art into history.
The purpose of history -art is to realize this history into art.=20

Art history is the legitimization of art through history. History-art is
the legitimization of art history through art.=20

History-art takes as its antecedent all former artistic activities that
reflected on art history and all schools of art history that attended to

Art history divides art into genres and welcomes the newly-appeared ones.
History-art is not genre-specific and does not seek its up-to-dateness in
the dimension of time.=20

History-art is not even net-specific, for it wishes to be a mirror to art-
history and not the subject of the history of fashion.=20

Art history sometimes finds difficult to define the content of art.
History- art does not find it difficult to define art as what is devoid of
all content.=20

History-art is such a mixture of Logos and Mythos that makes impossible to
be grasped out of the chaos of art-history solely by conceptual tools. The
conceptual substructure of history-art is complemented by a material-
perceptual language.=20

Art-history discovers and names connections between different artistic
events. It defines their place in time and the social and aesthetic space,
and through this it defines the works themselves. Therefore these works
may as well be considered products of art-history. History-art creates
connections between the artistic productions appearing in different times
and spaces, and may therefore be considered as a sort of historicisation.=

Art history -- like Ben Vautier -- sometimes gets bored with itself and
then reports sick or dead. History-art sometimes gets bored -- not of
itself but of its intellectual environment and its social conditions, that
is art history.=20

History-art is the tear and loophole in the fabric of art and its history.
It seems that it is going to work for a while. Therefore it had better be
made use of by as few of us as possible. (Business is good only as long as
it is done by few.)

Art history came to a stop many times but then always restarted.
History-art started many times but then it always stopped. The beginnings
and ends -- in both cases -- alternate at an increasing rate, and -- at
our request -- they will, sooner or later, reach the once-per-week
frequency of Dallas TV-series.=20

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