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<nettime> glossary items from RHIZOME

Algorithm--a repetitive logical sequence or calculation used to analyze or
move through quantities of data.

Biometrics--the practice of determining truth or authenticity through the
measurement or analysis of supposedly unique characteristics of the body.
This commonly includes such techniques as fingerprinting, DNA sequencing
and retinal scans.

Browser--an application for interpreting HTML and other media formats. The
browser is an assembler or machine that pulls together content from
disparate sources and arranges it for the requesting user. The browser is a
kind of filter, something that includes, excludes and organizes content.
See Object, Protocol.

Collaborative Filtering--the practice of recording a user's profile and
then interpolating new characteristics of that user (often their likes or
dislikes) based on algorithmic analyses of the mass of all user profiles
collected. Sometimes referred to as "suggestive filtering." See Algorithm,

Collider--a "ready-made" interaction or refiltering of web sites or bits of

Community--a group of users that interact due to a shared interest or goal.

Contentbase--an indexed archive of digital objects including images, texts
and rich media formats. See Object.

HTML--Hypertext Markup Language, or the practice of marking up text files
with basic layout instructions. HTML designates the arrangement of
dissimilar objects (texts, images, animations, http behaviors, etc.) in a
browser. See Object, Protocol, Browser.

Information Map--the act of creating a visual interface for qualitative
information, usually with a goal of displaying and navigating this

Netspace--in virtual spaces, the production of a sense of volume or
enclosure through the imaginary manipulation of imaginary boundaries.
Netspace may be "local," limiting the imagination of the user to one page,
one piece of hardware or one narrative, or "abstract," opening the user to
large expanses of media.

Object--a basic unit of content. Objects may be texts, images, animations,
applets, textures, behaviors, etc. May be subdivided into "textobject,"
"imageobject," etc.

Participation--a digital interaction that requires input from a user or
users, be it active (personal data or choices) or passive (IP address).

Protocol--the universal description language for digital objects that
regulates their flow, positions them in netspace and codes their
relationships. See Object.

Tactical Media--software, hardware, or networks that are political or

Telepresence--the ability to act or present oneself from a distance through
the use of technology.
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